From the Perch: Rhett Lashlee (SMU vs Temple)

From the Perch: Rhett Lashlee (SMU vs Temple)

Roman Marciante
So we finally did it. We finally got the offense I have been begging this university to run for over a decade. I honestly will start by saying that I think we nailed this hire. This was my number one pick this cycle and I have been answering with Rhett Lashlee anytime someone would ask me who would be my pick to replace Enos. (I did say Lincoln Riley's pen too) This will be 11 narrated clips from the FIRST HALF of the SMU Temple game. I decided to start the series with a common opponent for next year in Temple.

Here are some random first look take away points from the first half
  • This is a multiple based uptempo spread offense
  • In the first half alone I charted 61 plays
  • Miami ran 64 plays a game in 2019 (Now you know why I did this video in parts)
  • Initial impression is that Lashlee will not put the stress on the offensive line that Enos did
  • There is a consorted effort to get rid of the ball quickly
  • SMU allowed only 17 sacks on the year (34 less than Miami's 51)
  • One of my biggest criticisms of last year's offense was the refusal to audible when necessary
  • Rhett Lashlee and SMU will check with me at the line of scrimmage
  • Run game this first half was not overly complicated and utilized both zone and man blocking
  • Zone read will be featured much more in this style of offense
  • I strongly disagree if you think SMU's offensive line is better than Miami's
  • SMU's offensive line was not dominant and hardly created any push
  • They don't seem to be a very powerful or overly athletic offensive line
  • Once again the quarterback is getting rid of the ball very quickly not requiring to block long
  • Air raid components are apparent with option routes based off look
  • RPO friendly formations that are easily read identifiable for quarterbacks
  • SMU quarterback would be the #4 quarterback here. (I mean #3 if Tate was on vacation again)
  • This system will not be overly complicated to assimilate as far as a QB is concerned (Pre snap reads are much simpler to find)
  • SMU WR's had their way with Temple DB's
  • Lashlee manufactured some big plays by design
  • Favorite play was watching 12 set personnel act as blocking decoys when in fact it was a stop and go (I will attach clip)
  • That play showed the ability to use personnel to gain an advantage
  • SMU went under center very sparingly and were a predominate shotgun based team
  • 11 set heavy but also showed 10 and 12 set personnel

Thank you for supporting the YouTube page and it was an absolute pleasure to become a student of this offense. There will be many more games I look to tackle this off season but no place like the present. Also look forward to Lance Roffer's breakdown as he will definitely be utilizing his technical aptitude and bring his unique talents to the table. You know we assemble around these things like a kick *** x/o forming Voltron. I'LL FORM THE HEAD.

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Great as usual Roman!!! Can’t wait to here the podcast where you break things down further. Now...if by the miracle of Baby Jesus we can actually get his offense humming to go along with a Top 20 defense...oh boy, I can’t fathom it because I haven’t seen those parts since 2002.
Appreciate the work.

The only thing you are wrong about is saying the SMU QB is #4 here. Here in Dallas, I went to 2 live SMU games and watched a couple more and Buechele looked way better than our guys ever did. Our QBs can't make some of the one on one throws to the correct shoulder like he does
@Roman Marciante do we currently have the personnel to run this whiplash offense you're describing? I'm especially thinking about our QB room.
Here is a clip of their tempo drill when he was at auburn. Yes it’s against air but it’s all about getting them used to playing fast. We did this as part of our conditioning (and mental conditioning). In games our C would be begging the ref to spot it faster.