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  • Hey, I posted a link for Veterans on eye in the sky, isn't spam, don't post, mostly read, thought I would share
    I get an infraction for saying the swagger is the worst at least knowledgeable mod by far?

    Really man?
    Can you put a message out to get NSFW tags on crazy images? Ppl at work viewing these today.
    I appologize if my post is perceived as trolling, but it was an honest question proposed to the board following seeing an image on Twitter of Chatfield wearing a Gator's uniform.
    The site won't let me post the link in this PM.
    I am a bit confused as to what is considered trolling and what is considered honest questions to be answered by users with further insight.
    So I'm banned but a Clemson guy is allowed to trash us all day? I would appreciate it if you can let me back in.
    I want to appeal all my infractions.. this is bullshit.. I have season tickets and all i do is get accused for being a troll.. when i state real facts..
    Hi Dmoney! turbojenkins here. I started posting yesterday. but have been reading for some time now. This is a nice site for hurricane news and all around back and forth. A few minutes ago, I was attempting to post in a thread on the main board. Instead of it being being posted though, I saw a notification that basically said that a moderator had to approve the post before it could be visible. I am wondering, because a few posters think I'm someone they know who goes by the name cbunny, am I unable to post until I prove I'm not this dude? (What did he do to everyone to piss them off so badly?) Or is it because of the back and forth i've been involved in since my arrival that has caused pause to the posting? Let me know what I need to do to fix it. Thanks!
    hey I messed up on a thread title and want to fix the mis-spelling , can you please fix or tell me how to?
    Hey DMoney,
    Are you on Twitter or Instagram? If so, could you let me know what your name is on those sites?
    Hey did you get my pm? please let me know. I think Ive been punished for a year now and I wish to post. Thanks bro
    Is this what our society has come to?

    i was told to message you. Apparently i received a point for "trolling" Mario Cristabol...i had no idea that wondering if Mario could be a "pedo" would hurt another posters feelings..

    I was replying to the speculation in a post of "why is Mario following H.S football players on social media"
    my response was pedo? is that hurting anyone except Mario or someone who actually is a phedophile?
    Yesterday, 01:34 AM


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    It doesn't look like SmokyRone (see below) got your memo on personal attacks and vile posts). Is something going to be done about this post?


    Really, CT? I don't recall ever having any interaction with Deandre Burnett's Mother anywhere. Are you really trying to call me out about some facebook drama? Really? Go

    Now, go **** your mother, CTCANE. Again. This time in the ass, you piece of dog ****. :) Hope we meet up at a Canes game.

    "2014 is really Golden's FIRST season!" "Wait till 2015! Kaaya!" "We can still win the Coastal!"
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