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Hey, I posted a link for Veterans on eye in the sky, isn't spam, don't post, mostly read, thought I would share
Did the judge give you a gag order or something? Maybe a ball gag.
Diehard UM Fan I Bleed Orange & Green Slime🙌🏾🌪🌴
Had to cut it off - during that 72 hours, it also weakens cancer cells as they're aerobic and are not getting any starches or sugars to break down to sugar. Those who undergo chemo - and fasted for three days prior - suffer none of the normal side effects of the chemo. The good cells were bunkered down and the chemo didn't affect them.

Actually my wife and I went vegan on a 30 challenge online.

Water we know must be increased, very interesting 72 hr hmmm .

I have Irish skin not good for SO Fla.I’m paying now for High school beach days 🙁.