I just seen a retweet by Peter Ariz saying that Yearby is headen to the 49ers .... I don't know how to post it on here however soo maybe somebody can do that ..

Here's hoping he can at least make the practice squad.
Doubt he catches on there. Not a ton of top end talent but they have a deep pool of backs. But if you can run the ball, you may have a job eventually, somewhere. Good for him and I am rooting hard as well. Hope he took school seriously.
Congratulations to him. Great news. He was 1 K rusher for us a year ago, so he certainly has the potential to be good. Needs to work on that S&C and stay focused.
I'm sure Joe will make at least practice squad. Great Vision and his Cut and go is deadly. All he needs is a fair opportunity
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Nothing would make me happier than him outlasting Doublin' ****bag in the NFL.

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Pulling for him, always been a solid hard-working guy. Good luck Joe
With Colbert being there and there need for a RB, this might work out well. Again, Yearby can carve out a nice career being a 3rd down back. If both he and Colbert make the squad, I'll be attending several games cheering them on (and I hate the disrespect to my Canes fam who happen to be 9er fans...but I do hate them. Lol.)
With John Lynch as GM I'd gladly wager that Colbertson makes this team and eventually contributes. Wishing well for Yearby but am content if he even makes the practice squad as that'll be mission accomplished insofar as making money for his family.
Kyle Shanahan will put him in a great position to be successful and utilize his versatility better than any other play caller could have in the NFL. Probably best that he didn't get drafted, could have been a terrible fit

Joe Yearby=Justin Forsett. Been saying this for a while. He'll carve out a role and contribute for many years even after going undrafted.