Worked out with James williams yesterday with GoldFeetGlobal #AlphaDawg


Jan 14, 2021
So fluid was doing better than 5’10 DBs with his movements we are in great hands canes fam
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Like these photos of a couple cats at the park working on their games while nobody's around — reminds me of all those times playing ball in the pasture with my brothers because we loved it so **** much.

All the ancillary **** that comes with the NFL and big-time CFB is cool enough, but the best part of football is still seeing players compete and giving it everything they got.

Really hope that this program makes that jump in Year 1 under CMC. I believe it will.
He is a true S is getting single high reps all first week of spring. The couch coaches lost this one lol
He strikes me as the next evolution of single high safety. As defense move to 425 versions you can do a lot if have a single high safety who’s can cover deep zone and has the size to go man against the 6’4” basketball tighteneds. The “nickle” hybrid cover DB can be the 5’10” twitchy guy who covers the slot.

My personally opinion is we see a move to length at the single high as man defending continues to bring flags but a long center fielder who can fly = more area denial.
I love our safety room
My #1 is Kam
I go back and forth between other starter as AWilliams or JWilliams

My only issue with JWilliams is his height. I'm setting the over/under on targeting this year at 4. It's hard for him to drop himself 5+ inches to hit at or below the shoulder pads.

I trust this all-star coaching staff to have the best players playing the best positions for them
I mean this in a good way but crazy how skinny he looks at 225 or whatever he weighs. Just for context to his comps - Derwin James is 216, Isaiah Simmons is 238. James will probably land in that 230-240 range at some point.
Look like he has leaned up some

I sat in the row behind his family at the UM-Alabama game. That's when I knew the "bulk him up and play him at LB" stuff was insanity. His entire family is lean and tall, ****, I could barely see the game! Incredibly nice people, the whole family. Super-excited when James got in for the second half.