Portal Spring Transfer Portal

Anyone else getting this for every embedded tweet? If you actually click on them they do load

Wondering if twitter broke this or if Elon made this a "feature"
Has there ever been a player that line up at RB, QB, WR, and TE before? Seems he hasn't really caught on at anything, but **** if he hasn't given it a go.
.. where knowingly, the dynamics had changed & the situation improved... making your fair point, moot.

/I still think WR haul is average at best. 🤫
This is a portal thread. If you're talking about our portal WR transfers, then I 100% disagree. We got exactly what we needed. We added 2 WRs with elite speed which is exactly what we needed.
Guidry's 2022 Marshall defense finished the season ranked in the top 10 nationally in 12 different defensive categories, helping guide the Herd to an 8–4 regular season record.

This is why FSU will see a totally different team...
Their team as well as their fans will be completely overconfident. No matter what prison Mike tells them, their team will remember how easy it was last year and think it will be the same this time around. This is a game you circle and just keep quiet. Come out early and knock those m*****f*****s out!!!!

I think this game will be won or loss in the trenches. Stop their running game and that **** counter that none of the defensive coaches adjusted to. Steele should have been fired after the game.

Shut down the run and run it on them. Get to Travis and force him get rid of the ball early and the INTs will come.

It's time for Taylor and Messidor to "show out!!!" Be unblockable!!!!

The team that wins the trenches, will win the game.