Sean Taylor


Oct 13, 2011
It's amazing how many recruits from across the country still associate Sean Taylor with Miami. He died when guys like DJ Johnson and Avantae Williams were little kids, but he's still first name they mention.

His legend is living on.
Literally my favorite football player ever. Period.

I can't wait until 2026 when I can buy his jersey with the current design lol
i was going to say hes a huge recruiting nephew is 12 and i brainwashed him already he had 15 sacks last season n said aint no other college i would go to. saban doesnt have sean taylor and never will coach someone like him......he could land a thousand helicopters but we got the names regardless
I still find myself just watching youtube highlights of him all the time. I honestly don't imagine anyone topping him as my favorite player, in any sport, ever.

I was only 12 year old but I still fondly remember going crazy watching him basically beat FSU by himself in 2003.
I work with this younger cat from Bama, whos a huge Tide fan obviously, but he was tellin me how much he and a lot of people around this area (stationed at KAFB in south ms)loved the Canes and ****ed with them because of the legend, Sean Taylor. It never fails that someone will say something in regards to ST when they see me rockin my U gear. Thats ****** respect.
Basically, if you don't already, any chance you get, share that viral video of him laying out the punter in the Pro Bowl.

The new kids love that ****, as they should.
Still remember first time seeing in person...Spring game 2002 at the Orange bowl (after the National Champ), I thought I was looking at a football god, he was so impressive, him and winslow was physically dominant . My #1 UM all time greats
This is one of my favorites a Skins fan. A forgotten play after Santana Moss' two TDs in the Monday Night Miracle

Love watching ST26 highlights.... Don't think he the best safety ever at the U.... But **** if he wasnt the greatest athlete here... The hit fsu in 02 is my favorite hit all time... Ever over Merriweather's in 04. The speed and hit power was off the chain
I cant think of a single player with a similar draw of Sean Taylor at Miami.

I think a lot that has to do with the way he matched the persona/perception of the U. Backyard bone crushing football man.
RIP the goat. I was in the 10th grade, I remember going to sleep to the news that he was shot and waking up before school hearing he passed and just sheding tears...LEGEND!!

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Ed Reed still gets my vote for best Safety here at Miami. But it is amazing that Sean Taylor is still timeless. He played so long ago for these kids to remember but is still relevant. Can't replace the guy but the tape of Avante Williams had me having visions of Taylor. A kid like that if he develops I would want to wear the #26 . A number that carries a lot of weight and responsibility. An honor for a kid to wear when the player is thought to be worthy.
I have his jersey and when I wear it I get nothing but mad respect from people because of him. I was so pumped when my Redskins drafted him. Me and some of my friends went to the Redskins game in Washington when they had the Memorial game for him with the # 21 in the middle of the field where the Skins emblem usually goes. Pedro and whole family was there including his baby girl. The Giants beat the **** out of us and it was cold and rainy. The memorial was awesome had me crying like a girl. I still have the Memorial magazine with his picture on the cover in my Miami/Redskins man cave. Got several Memorial towels of his. RIP GOAT. gone too soon