Rosier Insightful interview


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Jan 26, 2013
I agree and would highlight the interview Manny did during practice a couple days before the bowl game, he pretty much said in no certain words that the problems with the offense we’re spreading and he was only able to control his unit
I don't remember that interview. Do you have a link? Would be interesting to hear...


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Jan 27, 2012
If Brad Kaaya had the 2017 Defensive turnovers & big time playmakers that Rosier had he woulda done the same.

The losses to FSU weren't all Brad's fault, not saying he didn't contribute with his porous play in those games as well but to act as if those L's were all on Brad is just unfair imo.

Brad is 10x the QB Rosier would ever dream of being.

And it's funny how beating FSU is a great thing for the QB's people like, but for the ones they don't like it just doesn't count.
Of course. Wasn’t attacking BK, he’s a much better QB than Malik in just about every metric imaginable. No one is starting a debate about that.

Malik broke a terrible streak with one of the most dramatic plays and drives of the last 15 years. Less talented Malik gave us a better moment than the much more talented Brad, regardless of circumstance. Sometimes single moments are all this sport is reduced to, right or wrong, fair or unfair. Kaaya could have beaten FSU and he didn’t. Malik did. It also happens to be the only thing Malik has over him. That’s football.

I don’t know what your last paragraph is referring to. I like both of them fine, I’m not arguing who was the better QB. I’m not arguing anything.


Jan 14, 2018
Richt was a disaster at OC but let's not sugar-coat the fact that Rosier was the worst QB to play at UM since Kirby Freeman and N'Kosi was an immature idiot with the work ethic of a union construction worker.
Since Kirby Freeman? I believe you mean "since before Cub Buck coached the team"


May 8, 2018
Rosier was who he was, limited from a skills standpoint but had a huge heart and tried his best for the team, and the university. Never caused issues outside of football either, he will always go down in Canes folklore for the wins over FSU (egging the crowd on before the game winning TD), ND, and Va Tech. Sure 2017 didn’t end the way we all had hoped but damn did it surely start off with a bang.


Nov 2, 2011
Solid interview. Really confirms a lot of the issues we’ve discussed on here—lack of variation in play-calling, no opponent-specific game planning, horrible mismanagement of the QB room, and overall incompetence on the offensive side of the ball.

On the bright side, he speaks very highly of Manny and Enos.

Malik is a bright kid who comes across as a good dude. Hell do well in his next endeavor.


Nov 3, 2011
Rosier was better than most of you guys think. Richt did him no favors.
Agree but he still wasn’t that good.

However, had we had a QB coach worth a ****, we’d have seen a lot better production from all our QBs. Including Rosier.


May 17, 2013
lmao you think that was because of rosier ? Hes 0-7 against P-5 teams since then lol who was the last Miami QB to do that ??
Let me understand your reasoning, it wasn’t because of Rosier that he won those 11 games and got us to number two, but it is because of him that we loss those seven games. You can’t get it both ways. Bernie loss 5 games the year after he won our first NC. Does that mean he sucked both years? Rosier is no Bernie, but he led us to the best year since a least Berlin if not Kenny, who, by the way, did not start 11- 0, despite a seriously fine defense. By the way, his head coach, Mark, never had a 10-0 start in his entire HC career until that year. Clearly he overperformed but when did that become evil. Give Rosier his due, 2017 was our best and most exciting in over a decade and his last second wins were huge part of it.


Nov 5, 2011
This was an awesome episode. Really makes you take a step back and feel bad for what Malik went through
Bottomline, he had no business being the starting QB at Miami... he was forced into it through unforeseen circumstances and he was never prepared for it.
He was always meant to be a serviceable backup on times of emergency...
The staff screwed up in not getting a real QB on the team..