Rosier Insightful interview

Feb 7, 2013
He'll be getting to know the phrase, "May I take your order please".
That didn’t take long. Pathetic.

What a cūnty post from this pos.

Clearly not a great QB, but still went out in Tally and broke the FSU streak.

Which is more than MiamiCūntLine has done, unless you count manning a gloryhole on US 1 a service to the program
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May 21, 2016
Cliff notes?
Do yourself a massive favor and listen to the pod. OBB is great.

As for your request, I'd give you an outline version, but I've only started listening. All I can offer so far is that Richt and the QB's had no better idea WTF Richt was doing than Richt did. No communication, anytime something was "planned", the plans were never followed through on.

Basically, 0 facts have come out so far that in hindsight contradict the popular notion that UM had been suffering from "Richtirement". Dude just showed up and did whatever he felt like doing at a given moment with no apparent purpose or forethought. But now I'm editorializing.

Whatever, listen up to the Boys. @Roman Marciante , Scoop and INTERN are a great, fun listen if you have time in the car or while working out or whatever.


Jo is Roy William’s Woman
Aug 29, 2014
The following is my opinion, so if you don't like it IDGAF.

Kaaya, Berrios, and Malik have all done this show in the last month or so. Kaaya and Berrios threw some veiled shade at Richt. Specifically about Richt the OC, ie play calling.

Malik straight up shiits on Richt. no leadership in the QB room. No one knows who is playing. The calls were stupid. ETC ETC.

As a rule players don't crap on their former coach and will normally take the high road and not comment which is usually enough to show their displeasure. The fact that these guys are so vocal and transparent in their issues with Richt tells me that things were way worse than they are letting on or than we will ever know.

Had Richt stayed it may have been the end of Miami football.


Oct 27, 2017
Dont hate Rosier. He stepped up vs Duke in 2015 and without his heroics our 10-0 run in 2017 wouldnt have happened. Without that FSU win, Jimbo might still be at that school. He never embarassed himself off the field like Perry/Weldon.

Most importantly, it's not his fault Richt failed to recruit or bring in a competent QB. He never should have been starting, but that's on Richt. It's also not his fault Richt kept throwing him out there in 2018, even after it was obvious to everyone he had lost all his confidence.

Hope he does well with whatever's next