I hope this is a lesson


Oct 13, 2011
Miami should never waste time with out-of-state running backs.

Five of the Top 15 rushers in the NFL are from Florida. No other state has more than one. Three of the Top 12 rushers are from Dade County alone. Edgerrin James, Frank Gore, Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, Duke Johnson, Lamar Miller, Ottis Anderson, Alonzo Highsmith, Melvin Bratton. All Florida guys.

If there was ever a year to recruit an OOS back, it was this one. The state was low on backs. And chasing an OOS back still blew up in our faces.

I think back to the Class of 2009. We spent all year talking about Bryce Brown. Eight years later, Lamar Miller is one of the Top 10 backs in the sport and Brown is selling steak knives. Let's hope Robert Burns follows in Miller's footsteps.
Yes! Maryland will always be Maryland and we will always be Miami. We produce, even is ****** years.
Yup - add in the uncertainty of him missing the entire year with a broken leg and we spent way too much time on this guy - comparing to other OOS guys he's not nearly as important to get as DJ Johnson or Devonta Smith.
What injuries have been plaguing Burns? When is the last time he actually played football?
Great post!

As long as Robert Burns can stay healthy, he will be a better back than McFarland.

The only thing that rustles me about McFarland's decision is that he strung us along this long and then spit in Coach Brown and Coach Richt's faces.
The lesson on this won't be learned until after college starts and they produce or don't produce.
The best backs in the NFL are not only from Florida. Stop with that talk man. If anything don't put all of your eggs in one basket. This sh*t fluid
[MENTION=2]DMoney[/MENTION] is there a back worth going after or do we just thug it out with what we got
This was Browns guy for years and he got left at the altar.

No matter how you spin it, Mac was elite and would have anchored the team whenever he would get promoted as the starter. Unless Burns can get over his injury problems than this becomes an issue. If we don't close in 2018 for an elite RB we are ****ed. If people are convincing themselves this isn't a big deal then they don't want to be elite. You have to stack chips.
I'm not losing sleep over McFarland. Good player.

But Miami's loaded in '18 (yeah I know that whole song and dance). Curry and Lingard are my dream pair. Miami needs to get at least 1 of the 2.
Can't blame the staff on this one simply bc they were recruiting him hard when they were at UGA. Came to Miami and so obviously with the relationship alrdy built continue it to Miami.

Richt n crew will learn now for next year's class this ain't UGA. Got everything you need right here at home.
I hope this fuels our backs and makes them realize they are all competing for PT. Burns, Homer, and eff it I'll throw in choc, will/should be busting their azzes for that opportunity
wanted mcfarland bad, but i agree.

3-4 star miami > 4-5 star elsewhere

just for the record, this isn't true. none of the guys d money mentioned were 3 stars. miami shouldn't prioritize 3 star players please stop it.
The best backs in the NFL are not only from Florida. Stop with that talk man. If anything don't put all of your eggs in one basket. This sh*t fluid

He didn't say that only great RBs are from Florida. He said the most are where no other state has more than one currently in the NFL. Your tough guy act is starting to make people question your reading comprehension.
The best backs in the NFL are not only from Florida.

It's about allocating resources.

Florida backs are more likely to pick Miami. There are five times as many Florida backs in the Top 15 than any other state. Three of the top four backs in the ACC this year were from South Florida. That's where we need to focus.