Nov 2, 2011
starting with the most important position

Qb sheriffs has been steady he's a game manager won't win you a game but won't lose it either it seems.

Rosier is the best fit for the rpo it works best with him running it he threw a pick 6 to malek young but he came back out and threw a 75 yard touchdown to Ar-15

Jack Allison really does have the best arm but he keeps throwing picks but he's dropped some dimes too.

Mark Walton is a PHUCKING ANIMAL HE RUNS HARD AS ***** defense having problems bringing him down. He's a SAVAGE.

Langham has actually been playing really well
Berrios is.........well I don't have nothing nice to say so I'll move forward.

McIntosh is gone we can't block him it's really good but kinda telling.......

Darien owens Was starting with the first team pinkney with the second

Chad has made a few plays pass breakup
Norton has cause some pressure as well

Front seven is scary good it makes our offense look worse than what it really is.

Carter has separated a few people from their senses today he's gonna hurt someone if they don't reign him in a bit lol he's not hitting them like teammates this is live for him hahaha.

Malek young has 2 picks he's thriving because the dline gets so much pressure makes secondary players job easy.

That's all so far.

Pete can give the rest
The Walton news is the best news I have heard all spring.
(Not surprising since he has always run hard but I assume he is even more motivated now since he has not seen much of the ball this spring.)
Sherieffs is still young. If he's not making many mistakes and not making plays, that's whats expected from a smart player. When it slows down and he learns more he'll be fine. I look for him or Allison to win it. Rosier isn't good. Allison is still inconsistent. They all are really. But Sherieffs and this defense could win us the most games Imo

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Langham been getting lots of buzz recently. May have to keep his name in mind when we're talking about "surprise major contributors" this year.
Malek Young was the MVP, he played like a straight savage, wasn't just the INT's either, he made a ton of plays.
**** gonna be hard to choose a starter because Malik is over confident which is why he turns the ball over but our offense works so much better with him.......... because if you don't respect his running ability on the rpo he's gonna gash you a few times a games. And I'm not taking 5-6 yards I'm talking 20+ yards gains.
"Added more competition is coming."

Translation for many on this site:

You better put on your big boy pants come Fall Practices or else Perry is going to be the main man.

More competition coming? That's what I like to hear.

Malek Young was the MVP, he played like a straight savage, wasn't just the INT's either, he made a ton of plays.

With Malek's growth, coupled with the CB's that are arriving in the summer, the secondary can no longer be viewed as a potential Achilles Heel. That means our D truly does not have any holes. That's ***** scary!