Postseason South Florida Top 50 (1-10)

Postseason South Florida Top 50 (1-10)

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Before the high school season began, I released a list of the top players in South Florida (Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County) regardless of class. After seeing another full season of these prospects, the new list is here. I will be releasing a new group of 10 each day until we reach 1-10. These rankings are based off of multiple things:

1) On-field production at the high school level.
2) Projected success at the next level. (Size/speed is a big part of this)
3) Importance to their team.

These are my evaluations from watching these prospects in games, camps, practices, highlights, etc.


1. 2014 RB - Dalvin Cook (5'11", 190) - Miami Central - Previously #12
This was an easy choice for the top spot. I was at about 25 games this year in South Florida, and nobody could take over a game like Cook did. His speed is absolutely elite and he is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. He has great size, acceleration, change of direction, and the ability to break tackles. The Central star also has more power than he is given credit for. He is a 5* RB and would be a 4* DB as well. He will go down as one of the all-time greats in the state of Florida, and is on the same echelon as Duke Johnson. Cook makes everything looks so easy and effortless; it seems like he's toying with defenders. He is currently committed to Clemson, but Miami cannot let him get away. Averaged 11.4 yards per rush.

Half season junior highlights:

2. 2014 WR - Ermon Lane (6'2", 190) - Homestead - Previously #1
Lane is a special talent at receiver with the size, speed, and physicality to be a first round pick in four years. He had to deal with the more attention from opposing defenses than almost anybody in South Florida. There were times that he would be double and triple covered, yet still come down with the catch. There are two things that really stand out about Lane to me: 1) He played in the toughest district in the country and showed up in all of those games & 2) he put up his numbers despite playing in a run-heavy system.


3. 2013 LB - Matthew Thomas (6'4", 210) - Booker T. Washington - Previously #2
One of the most talked about recruits in years, Thomas is as good as his billing suggests. He can do it all from the linebacker spot: blitz, cover, read and name it. His long arms and explosive nature create problems for quarterbacks all night long. Thomas is very fluid in coverage and has the speed to cover smaller receivers if he needs to. He can also put his hand on the ground and rush off the edge in passing situations. This is just an all-around elite defensive prospect and somebody a program can build a defense around because of his versatility. Needs to add some weight, but that shouldn't be an issue. He will play right away in college.

4. 2013 RB - Alex Collins (5'11", 205) - South Plantation - Previously #11
The former Miami commitment has some of the best feet you will ever see from a running back, which is ridiculous considering he is a legitimate 205 pounds. He has good speed, probably in the mid 4.4-low 4.5 range combined with the power to bowl over defenders. He has an extremely aggressive running style where he does not mind putting his head down and running right through somebody. He would pair perfectly with Duke Johnson at Miami.

Mid season senior highlights:

5. 2015 S - JaQuan Johnson (5'11", 185) - Killian - Previously #19
Along with Winky Flowers at Jackson, nobody was more important to their team this season than Johnson. His knack for making a big play when his team needed it was incredible. Johnson played both sides of the ball for the Cougars, but projects as a safety in college. He is a ballhawk and has an uncanny ability to come down with the ball in a crowd of players. He does a great job of locating the ball in the air and timing his jump to get the ball at its highest point, both on offense and defense. He is also a very willing tackler. While he is not going to "wow" you with speed or size, I am not concerned with his size at all. He has long arms and the frame to grow. His brother (a senior) is 6'1" and expect Johnson to grow a couple more inches.

6. 2014 OL - K.C. McDermott (6'6", 290) - Palm Beach Central - Previously #21
Brother of Miami Center, Shane, K.C. is already well-polished as a high school junior. His size, athleticism, and flexibility make him an incredible tackle prospect. He is aggressive at the point of attack and also light on his feet. Miami is in good shape for him.

Junior highlights:

7. 2013 WR - Stacy Coley (6'1", 180) - Northeast - Previously #3
Coley's recruitment has played out in an interesting way. Miami has really made a strong push for him over the last month and the 'Canes are very much in it for him. On the field, Coley's elite quickness in and out of his breaks are what really make him a special prospect in my opinion. He is able to create a lot of separation and has great acceleration as well. It is well-documented that he has made plays against good competition (Tracy Howard, Rashard Robinson to name a couple). If he continues to work with the right attitude, we will see him playing on Sundays.

Senior highlights:

8. 2014 RB - Sony Michel (5'11", 205) - American Heritage Plantation - Previously #8
We have been hearing about Sony for about 5 years now. His size, speed, and cutting ability are amongst the things that have many people calling him the best running back in the country for next year's class. He suffered a knee injury last year and it was evident that he was not playing with the same mentality this season. I don't think it was physical as much as it was mental, but either way I'm not concerned and I expect him to break records next year. A positive from this season is that he was only touching the ball about 15 times a game, which was good to see he was not being overworked.

Junior highlights:

9. 2013 OL - Denver Kirkland (6'5", 330) - Booker T. Washington - Previously #17
The massive offensive lineman is extremely athletic and can play either guard or tackle. I prefer him at guard, but he will need to get in better shape for the college level either way. I saw him play three times this year and did not see him get beat once.

10. 2013 DB - Artie Burns (6'1", 185) - Miami Northwestern - Previously #16
The Miami commitment has a crazy amount of upside. He is a world-class hurdler, who could be Olympic-worthy if he focuses on it in college. He has long arms and loves to hit. Can play either corner or safety, but I like him a lot better at safety. When I've seen him at corner, he doesn't look very natural (that can be coached obviously) and I love his playmaking ability at safety. He is good in run support.

Senior highlights:

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We could end up with all of these guys in the top 10, would be unreal.
The top 20 is not only elite in South Florida, but also elite when compared to the rest of the country. Holy ****!

Miami has to lock these beasts down.
It would be tough to see both Sony Michel and Dalvin Cook sign for 2014 class.... I wouldn't put it past Golden to accomplish this, and if we get to a BCS game next season it will definitely showcase our program once again as elite.

Things are heading in the right direction! Just keep getting the top kids in South Florida!
Lane makes it look so easy man...just gliding right past dudes that are running as fast as the possibly can
Cook has elite speed. I believe D$ hit it on point, his running style is very similar to Lamar miller.
We really can land that whole top 10. Not saying it's a lock but it is totally not out the question one bit. The 'Canes are at or near the top for all those guys. Wow that is some elite talent
The Top 6 are all Canes IMHO. Don't see us losing not nare one of em
**** we got some studs coming up the next few years.
We cannot let Cook go to Clemson.....kid is a program changer. Cannot be stressed enough. If we really believe Al has a fence up around south florida then he needs to get Cook AND Sony!

FSU can keep Yearby.
Ermon's highlight tape is disgusting. he's got really quick feet
Am I the only one that thinks Coley > Lane?
It's tough not to get excited looking at all the talent here. If Al can keep them (or even MOST of them) at home in Miami we will have a stellar team for the better part fot he next decade. That said, Pete, do you know how much of a chance Miami has with Cook since he's already committed to Clemson? Also, how does Lane feel about Miami?