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  • No, I won't "STFU" no matter how much you want me to. You keep forgetting you're an irrelevant nobody with zero power. But if pretending to be a tough guy on the internet gets you off, by all means, have at it. Meanwhile, I'll keep speaking the truth, and you can keep having your angry circle jerks with the rest of the lunatic banner crew. Don't like it? Too fucking bad.
    "Because you like dicks"

    Ah, another quality contribution from you. You add so much value to the boards with your whining, immaturity, bitching, and constant obsession with dicks. Getting a neg from you is an honor.
    transformers???????? or is it power rangers? fucking *****! have to admit your moms basement is nice... she deep throats like no other..
    so you have me a negative vote on a free site lmao..... write what great pull you have. such a broke ***** you can't pay for a good talk site huh? wannabe...... when your mom is finished sucking my balls I'll let you smell them. just like old times?
    Awwww Riddddlllllller..... are you angry? Ridddllller need a hug? Wannnn..... wannnnn..... wannnnn. LOL.
    Haha ***** i ain't no soccer mom. I'm trying to tell you retards that are having a hard time grasping that Golden and his boy Dorito ain't going anywhere. Move on with your miserable life. Everyday with the bitching when you know damn well this doesn't help the team's image or perception with recruits. So knock it off puzzy boy.
    So I reply to your question and you resort to negging and name calling. How mature of you. If you disagree, please post a rebuttal. You probably can't so you resort to your negging.. LOL.
    I know you have your limitations so I just laugh at you. prove me wrong with a rebuttal.
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