Article: ACC Releases 2013 Schedule

Article: ACC Releases 2013 Schedule

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
The ACC released it's schedule matrix for the 2013 football season. While dates won't be announced until February, the opponents and divisions have been finalized.



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Big things to note:

-FSU and Virginia Tech are finally split up from each other.

No longer will we have years where we have to play the Noles and Hokies on the road in the same year, which is great. Not just because it makes it easier on us, but because it ****s over Virginia tech (always a plus).

-We play at Pitt again.

We get to welcome Pitt to the ACC by dropping a steamer on their chest again in their house. This is also great because I get to squeeze Penguins hockey into my week-long 'Canes road trip.

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Chris Freet ‏@ChrisFreet

#FullSpeedAhead: Big news coming from @TheACC at 11. #Canes fans should be happy with slate for 2013.

RT @theACCfootball: A first glimpse at #ACCFB13 schedule today at 11am. We will announce ACC home/away matchups on
Probably has something to do with Pitt and Syracuse.
finally broke up at VT, at FSU in the same year
It says VT at home? Pretty sure that is supposed to be an away game in 2013 since we played them at home this year. I guess there were some changes with the addition of the new ACC teams?
I like the look of the schedule. We play GT and VT at home, with FSWHO and NC away as our toughest opponents. I like the way it turned out for sure!
Looks like Vt at home again and Duke on the road again.
We get Wake at home. Pitt & Noles away. Coastal Duke & NCS away, w/ Va, Va Tech & Ga TEch at home.