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The Bank (9/22)


Dec 4, 2011
Not saying you’re wrong but we’ve for whatever reason struggled as a program to land elite WRs

It’s been a little baffling
insiders told us what the slant was against us. knowing that, its not a shock to me. Mario is a great recruiter, elite in fact. what is the knock against him and his hires on offense is that hes prehistoric and you wont succeed. thats a rep he has to break. on field results will break that. I think bc we hired gattis and the offense he came from (I know Harbaugh dictated more run first last season), its the stuff that follows. we come out and light it up the rest of the way, we wont have an issue. recruits told us what they're being fed and we ignored (I want to see what the O looks like this year from them).


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Jan 15, 2012
- As first reported in the Bank, Miami is making a strong run at Lakeland WR Tyler Williams. There is even more confidence this week than last. Of course, this week’s visit to Miami will be critical. The key selling point is our need at wide receiver. Williams has WR1 upside with a unique athletic profile as a kick returner/basketball player/former quarterback.

-Miami will not take WRs just to take them. They want difference-makers, and will keep working potential flips locally. The Portal will fill out the rest.

- Don’t be surprised to see some new names pop on the LB board. This has nothing to do with the current commits, but Miami is quietly monitoring players who are having strong seasons at high school and JUCO ranks. We need more bodies at this position.

- Miami continues to put the full-court press on Mark Fletcher (American Heritage) and Chris Johnson, Jr. (Dillard) at running back. They are high-priority targets and Miami continues to feel it is in a good spot with both.

- The same is true for OT Samson Okunlola (Brockton, MA). His recruitment is quiet but Miami is confident where they stand. If he follows through and visits for the FSU game, and Miami shows him what he needs to see, this recruitment can speed up considerably.

- Apologies for the cryptic post, but Miami is making a run at certain out-of-state players committed to other teams. Some of the names are familiar.

- Miami is continuing to work Sam M’Pemba (IMG), Reuben Bain (Central) and Damon Wilson (Venice). The pull with M’Pemba is the Miami/IMG connection. The staff is working hard to cement a pipeline. That pitch will be even better as our IMG signees start producing. Bain is intrigued by out-of-state college atmospheres but remains firmly in play. We have lost a bit of ground with Wilson but there is still time to work that one.

- Defensive tackle is still a work in progress. This is one position where it is critical to identify late bloomers. Darrell Jackson, Jared Harrison-Hunte and Jordan Miller all fit into that category, as does last year’s signee Ahmad Moten (who is opening eyes in practice). It’s also possible you see players listed as DEs pursued as DTs.

- I expect Miami to have CB Damari Brown (American Heritage) and CB Edwin Joseph (Chaminade) join CB Robert Stafford (Eau Gallie) in the class within weeks. All three are having excellent senior years. The board is less clear at safety, although Miami is still working Conrad Hussey (STA) and will pursue Portal options. Note that some of the CBs Miami is recruiting have positional versatility.
Excellent work D$. We need more speed and game breaking ability at WR and all over the rooster. No question that R. Washington and N. Joseph fit that description but you can never have enough. At WR we need more #1 types with good size and length. Tyler Williams would be a huge pull but UGA will be difficult to beat. Adding T. Williams and J. Dickey at WR would be a serious coup especially when you add them to Washington and Joseph.

At RB the Fletcher/Johnson combo makes perfect sense and would be the ideal class. Chris Johnson Jr. would bring more elite speed which we are in need of.

At LB, is Stanquan Clark one of the names of the kids we are looking at? I really like Clark and his potential ceiling at Will is intriguing.

Adding Samson Okunlola to the OL class we have would give us the best OL class in Miami history and it already might be right now. I do feel good about him especially with the way our OL has looked thus far.

We need elite athleticism and explosiveness at DE to bolster our pass rush. Adding the trio of Wilson, Bain and M'Pemba to go with Wayne in this class would be an elite haul. To put a class of the 4 DEs above and add them to the young studs we have in Kelly, Davis and Moss would give us one of the best groups of young DEs in the country. Lol

A class of Brown, Joseph and Stafford at CB would be very solid. I would still love to add an elite immediate impact CB like McClain.

The board at DT seems a bit muddled right now but for some reason I'm not really concerned. I have a great bit of faith in our ability to recruit and I'm very confident that we will end up at least two really good ones.

All things considered our recruiting seems to be going well. Being able to secure elite game changing WRs and CBs continues to be my greatest area of concern in addition to adding as much speed as possible throughout the rooster.
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Jan 12, 2014
@Liberty City El how would you compare a cb class of Stafford, Joseph, and Brown to Rogers, Graves, and Harris?
I’m sorry. @Liberty City El is on vacation from us right now. If it’s comforting to all, he left me in charge of answering all technical football questions during his absence as Goat in Training…



Oct 5, 2012
in the past when i would read about 4-5* recruits, i never had any real hope they would sign with Canes. we always seemed to be the option if all else fails maybe Miami.
when i read about Bain, Oklunlalo,Fletcher i now know we have a excellent chance to get them signed to play for the Canes. I do not have any idea how good Damari Brown is but if can sign him that would be first time in recent memory we have had success with American- Heritage. it would be cause for celebration.....Championships are won upfront so OL/DL
guys are always front and center when i look at any class however with changing emphasis on high tempo passing attacks i am looking toward stud WR's as well.
need a QB every class and we are covered this year. have not drank kool aid in past but am gulping the kool aid at the moment for first time in 20 years


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Jun 22, 2018
@Liberty City El how would you compare a cb class of Stafford, Joseph, and Brown to Rogers, Graves, and Harris?
I’d venture to guess he likes Rogers/Graves/Harris more. Graves has elite potential, and he thinks Harris was vastly underrated out of HS iirc.

Doesn’t mean Stafford/Joseph/Brown would be bad if I tossed in my two cents.