Rambo to Miami!!!!!


Feb 4, 2013
I don’t agree with your conclusion, but I appreciate the effort of laying out your argument. I wonder what your analysis would look like if you examined his best year in OU with Hurts.
I only saw the highlights of that year. I saw a guy with the speed to get vertical and certainly in the highlights he made some acrobatic catches. Didn't see anything else really which is the point I (and @DMoney) am making.

Hopefully the simple route concepts were due to covid. I think there will be tweaks. We can’t survive off of 50/50 ball. I want to see some mesh concepts and diversify the run scheme.
Yeah I think Lashlee is a good play designer. I just hope his offense adds more layers beyond the foundation of zone/duo, wide alignment verts and those 2-man route concepts to unbalanced boundary. Like you said shallow and deep crossers, rub routes, orbit motion, variety of gap schemes...those are the type of things you see from the elite offenses. You have to use formation, alignment and motion to help your receivers get open vs man coverage. Can't just line up and out-athlete teams with subpar WRs.


Last Fucking Week.
Mar 4, 2012
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