Poor Gunter...

It's really, really bad coaching by the Packers.

Gunter is a good zone CB. He's manned up against an All Pro WR with no help over the top.

He'll be fine though, he's used to being put in positions to fail by his DC.
He can handle him fine. He just can't find the ball. Could have had a couple of picks, cuz he's been in position almost every play.
Well his coverage hasnt been very bad actually. its just dez is making the catches. but yeah tough situation guarding Dez 1v1
GB had no business leaving Gunter 1on1 vs Dez for that first td

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Packers refuse to play 2-man, defend Witten at the sticks, and they get sucked inside on every inside zone or counter play giving Zeke the edge.

It's like they just showed up and never watched any film or did any preparation, aside from the Hyde pick.

What a collapse.
getting destroyed on national tv, not a good look for UM

Really?? I haven't heard the word "Miami" from either announcers mouth. And do you think bad play by a player who used to play college ball is a direct reflection of that college?? Just can't find the words to describe how stupid your post is and was
An undrafted, 'rookie' from Miami is good enough to play in the playoffs against perhaps the best WR in the world. Man some of you. 18 year old kids are smarter than most on this site.
Love our fans ****ting all over this kid. Tough assignment with no over the top help. I think Gunter gave up 5 of Bryant's receptions. Gunter contested very throw.
They put Gunter on the other team's best receiver. ODB last week, Dez this week. He's their best corner.

The guy has gone from UDFA to legitimate starter in the NFL.