Disappear Paramount Network GIF by Yellowstone
There was an obvious escalation by Howard. Can't get around that. The slap forward looks horrible.

That being said we gonna casually breeze over the fact that lil man grabbed him. The $uck? Then continued to antagonize? He walk away after tempers flair or keep walking the obvious get the $uck out my face handshake Howard gave him do we really have this clip? Society has become a place we're people who start some **** or get buck CRY when the other person is ready willing and able to beat yo ***! Keep yo GD hands of people.
Man, this was like malice in the palace part 2 except with coaches

In before they write new lyrics to the Michigan fight sing…

Hail! to the loser Howard
Hail! to the big blue zeros
Hail! Hail! to Michigan,
the cuckolds of the West!
That's insane. I have no context, obviously Wisky called a timeout despite being up big I guess?

Even so - that's pathetic. Be mad, ***** about it to the press. Don't do this.
You go get them next time, not get all up in your feelings like that. You lost, pretty badly. Be mad at yourself for not preparing your team better. Well, not YOU, but Howard. ;)