O/T Who was faster? Santana Moss or Darryl Jones?


Jan 26, 2017
I've always wondered about this because Jones always seemed to be in the shadow of Wayne, Moss, and Johnson.

He was a “track guy”.
Tough, but raw as a receiver.
No where near as quick out of breaks as Santana, and no where near as smooth as Reggie.

He had 8 pro receptions in 3 years.

I just found this Sentinel article stating that Jones, Moss, and Johnson each held the fastest 40-time at Miami (at the time) with a 4.3.
Moss would beat Jones in the 40 and 60, but Darryl “always won the 100’s”

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I've always wondered about this because Jones always seemed to be in the shadow of Wayne, Moss, and Johnson.
Jones was blazing fast in a straight line, but didn't have the change of direction skills of Santana. Santana had everything a good WR needs. Hands, speed, quickness, agility, strength, and toughness. I know he had to strike fear in opposing DB's in college, lol. IIRC, they both ran track here and I think Santana was a little faster. I could be wrong on that one. It could be that Jones was a little faster.
They don't know about Shipman LOL. Forgot who Miami was playing, but I saw Him hit that corner so fast one time I looked at my homeboy like, "Did He just do that?". Fastest cat I've ever seen in a UM uniform, period.
Al Shipman with pads on was the fastest player ever at Miami. His quickness, burst, and top end speed was better than Moss or Hester. Problem was they played him at running back and he was probably 150lbs at 5-6. If he played slot receiver he would have been a stud. Played against him in high school and he reminded me of Deion with his speed and quickness. Just too small
Jones was faster at the 100m. Neck and neck in the 60. On the field? Not close. We had some seriously good track and field teams back then. None of those guys though we’re faster than Tory Mitchell (RIP)

So sad seeing how slow af we have been lately.. I remember the days of having them boys turn OB into a track meet, Thank gawd guys like Gattis/Cristobal have an emphasis on Speed, Gonna be fun seeing the rock look the same way..