Matt Miller's 7-round mock draft

95 Atlanta Falcons CB Corn Elder, Kansas State

Also I have given up on the Bucs ever drafting a UM player ever again. Unless Sam Wyche comes back.
I'd be very surprised if:

- Kaaya goes before the 3rd
- Coley lasts past the 4th

The rest look about right
Mock drafts change so much after the combine, Njoku might go in the top 10. Coley might get into the early 3rd, he wasnt playing at 100% most of the past season.
Brate is trash

We need playmakers on offense

Oh And trade doug martin like I've been beggin for since 13
I don't see the combine helping Coley. He doesn't look like the same player he was as a freshmen. I'm predicting a 4.52 40.
If Corn Elder lasts into the 3rd and the dolphins dont do everything in their power to draft him i will lose hope
No way Bucs go TE when Cameron Brate broke out last season.

All they talk about on the radio, even when they had their GM on, is picking up another TE. They're all over OJ Howard's sack. Nothing against Brate...he was very good last year. They still want another TE.
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