Major 2018 target on campus

Just like his brother. Enjoying all the free BB tix. Then off to FSU. How'd I do.
Lmao . That dude isn't coming.

Come on Pete, you better than this.
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Nope... Don't do it to yourselves fellas.

There are a lot of 2018 RB's we'll be in good spot with, we should be able to land 2 in 2018.

But do not fall for it with Cook... Idgaf what anyone says, trust your instincts.
Who knows? I can see him coming. Cane fan all his life, local momentum building, FSU just signed 3 RBs, 2 of which are 5 stars, we have a wiiiide open depth chart and a good young team. Crazier things have happened
That's huge.. staff has to give it their all with this kid whether he ends up at FSU or not

IMO I think we have a shot now that FSU got 3 RBs this year including the 5 star out of MS
Forget taking Keyshaun Bryan now that McFarland is gone, id rather us focus on:

1. Lingard
2. Cook
3. Camron Davis
4. Curry