Lane Kiffin with a little levity and hard truth

All facts.. he should come here and be our OC and not have to deal with that bs at Ole Miss 🤷🏾‍♂️
Literally about to say the same sht.
He doesn’t looke like the type of guy that wants to deal with all the bs that comes with coaching a top p5 team and he doesn’t have the backing at that school.
Just come be the OC here live on the water and chill.
Honestly a million per signee? that's insane. let the kid go to A&M ride the bench and we'll get these type of players for $50k in two years

absolute insanity going on over there. Would love to have Stewart don't get me wrong but for a mil? nah. I'll ride with kelly and moss and they have just as much of a chance to succeed and reach the next level if not more that they'll be here
Happy for the players finally getting their fair share but sad that college football is ruined.

Yeah I know, bags were always there but the disparity between haves and have nots was never this ridiculous.
In all fairness it's no different the same schools got the best players every year before NIL. Now it will be the Richest schools get best players every year. CFB has been ruined for a while.
And somehow he ended up with the #3 transfer class in the country including Jaxon Dart and Zach Evans. And didnt have to pay them just as much as hes paying the OL coach to do it either. Thats what I was trying to convey in the Recruiting Board.

TAMU wants to pay 30M a year on recruits? Let them do it..meanwhile Saban will still run that side of the SEC and they still have to get through UGA even if they do. IMO, this just puts an even bigger target on TAMUs back. And puts too much pressure on kids to perform up to those contracts. An 18 year old kid doesnt have the mental to live up to a contract thats paying him 1M and he doesnt have the mental to realize the expectations that come with that either. Its not a game anymore, its business now. But they dont know that...yet.
Nil was going to even the playing field and help Miami I thought????

Ppl don’t listen man. Lol. I tried to warn ppl when the news broke out. I wasn’t guessing, I talked to ppl in the know about this. Basically it was said once the NCAA got defeated by the Supreme Court, they were scared af to even touch it. So basically CFB was going to become MLB where The Yankees, Mets, and Dodgers can sign whoever they want, and then there’s the rest.

I said in one of the threads, everything needs checks & balances. Yeah kids need to get paid, but the purpose of the NIL is not what we’re seeing today. Ed O sued b/c it dawned on him that EA Sports NCAA Basketball had his image on their cover & he received nothing. UCLA was selling his jerseys, signed memorabilia, & he made nothing. The NCAA tourney would have posters hanging in the rafters of past MOPs for the tourney & he received nothing. That’s why he sued. That’s the purpose, not this Wild, Wild West chit where boosters can openly pay outlandishly for players.

Just like there’s rules & regulations around NFL FA, coaching moves, & salaries, there needs to be rules & regulations around Coaching Moves, The Portal, & NIL. I stand by that, or we’ll see less & less perceived parity, & more roster turnover every year.
Whatever money was being passed under the table , the NIL is now just bonus money and perks.

If the NCAA said , “ Universities can spend 10 mil a year on NIL deals” that Means to some schools they will spend the 10 million within the rules and another 10 or 20 or however many million under the table to achieve their goal.