Jeff Thomas drafted

Happy for him, what could have been if he came back under lashlee smh
Who knows man, he may not of been able to even stay on the team or in school. Hope he’s got it figured out because he is an NFL talent.
The QB they took yesterday doesn't look much better than old Malik so don't expect him to be lighting up the league
Might have gotten drafted by the Steelers instead of the Maulers.
Couldn't disagree more. Natural talent was never an issue. We've seen enough to understand Jeff Thomas as part of a team, and not just at Miami. His second chances got second chances and nobody came out the better. It is clear what we would have gotten.

Thank you for calling this out.

Our fans' obsession with what this kid "could've been" in a different system is laughable.

Jeff Thomas has always been his own worst enemy; not the quarterback, offensive line, head coach or play caller.

This kid had an attitude and work-ethic problem since high school.

BECAUSE he had superior talent, he felt he didn't have to work hard, practice hard or train hard—and it's THE REASON he's getting a shot with the Maulers instead of the Steelers.

Thomas had his shot with the best organization in the NFL—New England—back in 2020 and didn't even play his way onto the practice squad when given said shot.

Hopefully he'll make the most of his 37th chance here—but this revisionist history surrounding what could've been needs to stop already.

Side note, clown should've cleanly fielded that punt against Florida in the 2019 opener as Miami would've won that game and Manny could've avoided that disastrous 6-7 inaugural season.