Jacory or Kaaya

I mean Jacory beat FSU at least.

Its a trick hypothetical question ultimately in my mind bc neither of them had the proper coaching. I thonk Jacory in a dink and dunk spread offense couldve been deadly.
Say what you want about Jacory's power, but I'm a big believer that he would have been a Hurricane great (beyond passing yards) under better conditions. So I'd take Jacory all day.
I can never forget that bowl game performance against Notre Dame.....absolutely god awful. Like Jacory as a person but I'm rolling with Kaaya.

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Shannon also completely neutered Jacorys personality. Changed his entire mentality for the worse.

Jesus we had an awful string of horrendous, insecure coaches. How FSU didnt win more ships is beyond me.
Kaaya was the better passer... But Jacory is the last QB to beat FSU.

Plus, #BullsPride , so U know who I'm rollin wit!

just gotta love the criteria. So Dan Marino doesn't belong in the "Hall" because you he never won the
BIG game. And K.C. Jones (cane center) has 2 rings and never played a down. How about a better yardstick than FSU or find a one man sport.