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Jul 17, 2012
When does Mac realize...

"He's still proud of himself for the ******, borderline top 10 class he managed to slide in to a few months ago. Back to lazy bull**** with he and his staff.

Miami of all people. No amount of sunshine pumping can explain away why they're doing what they're doing and Mac continues to fiddle around like the goofy ole fart he is on the trail."

"I agree. Miami is loading up right now on recruits. You can't tell me that Miami's external factors are better than ours. We have nicer facilities, stadium, resources and etc. We now have coaches that most would agree are relatively good recruiters to assist Mac. So what is left to blame?-Mac. I know it's only March but it sure is starting out very similar to the past."


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Maude Edit: Class of 2023 Avatar Bet with @flagator86

This is a running list for the 1 week avatar bet with @flagator86. I think it’s essentially if the gators finish in the Top 10 on the 247 Composite this class that he gets to pick our non-crude avatar for a week and if they finish 11 or higher than we pick his for the week. I’ll leave it to lead bettor @Cryptical Envelopment to be the decider of avatars should we win. Names of participants will be added here. The punishments will be carried out for the losing side in the off-season.

Link to composite: https://247sports.com/Season/2023-Football/CompositeTeamRankings/

So far we have the following on team Cryptical:

@Cryptical Envelopment
@786 Cane
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This is the part that cracks me up, and makes me realize why some people engage in such stupid commentary, because they can't see anything from any other perspective than their own delusional-homer perpective:

"Miami of all people. No amount of sunshine pumping can explain away why they're doing what they're doing".

Now this guy say that NO AMOUNT of "sunshine pumping" can explain Miami's success.


Not the fact that many kids want to stay close to home and perform in front of friends & family.
Not the fact that BOTH UM and UF went 9-4.
Not the fact that UM has significant facilities upgrades that have happened (stadium) and will happen (IPF).

No, there is NOTHING that will allow this delusional Gator homer to comprehend how Miami ("of all people") can possibly be more attractive than a team with the same record that is a 6-hour drive away.

Look, I'd prefer it if every top kid picked UM, but I can mentally conceptualize reasons why a particular kid might prefer another school over UM.

Oh well, ***** it, I'll take Gator Tears any way I can get them, even from some idiotic homer who can't figure out why the kids love UM.
Here's another Gayturd porster for [MENTION=14457]Liberty City El[/MENTION] to put with SUckGator51- I call this one SwampChump615:

Florida is going downhill. Their about to be us under Golden in a minute. If I'm not mistaken Muschamp players are gone. How do you make 2 SEC championships in a row and your an utter joke at recruiting? what even more funny is they can't fire Mac cuz he done well enough to keep the job which is great for us because he is stock piling the UF roster with nothing but JAGs.. This is beautiful.
They'll be altight. They got CJ Smith today and they'll get their share of prospects. Their fanbase is just delusional and think they should be better than us and still fail to realize how far back Shannon and Golden (who beat them btw) set us.
Facilities? Where in jortsville can you find hot women in tiny bikinis, soaking up the sun at the beach. Go off the UFlop campus and you find the Alachua County Landfill . It's where the locals graze. At the U you go a short distance to find plenty happening in a world class city. Didn't Jortsville invent the mullet hairstyle?
I wish our mods on this site or 247 would start to throw more shade at FSU and UF. Everytime we have a decommit, they are quick to post it on their home boards. I remember a few years ago, Luke wrote on the gators board just dogging on our roster and how most weren't power 5 worthy (he may have had a point though). I wish we would do the same just to ruffle feathers
WR Mark Pope commits to Miami

The last poster gets it Groghouse,, calling our last recruiting class trash is ignorant.. We have pretty much the same rating at the end with one less recruit and we picked up a kicker too. The recruit that going to hurt them the most in the long run will be Perry right in their backyard.