Edwards and Henderson

Peter Ariz

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Jun 12, 2012
Some UF buzz with both of them as of last night.

Henderson apparently going back-and-forth again after ignoring UF staff for days and telling them it would be Miami. Apparently him and Rumph were supposed to get on the phone last night for a conversation so I'm interested to hear what that was about.

UF visit has Edwards thinking too, but that might just be the high of the visit. Should have a better idea today.

Neither of these are done yet.
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Ink drying and fax received for both. Keep your panties on women and just chill

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didn't they recently get a commit from another db . . . doesn't that work in our favor, or are they gonna take as many db's as possible?
What a shock. Go ahead and jump on me again broke for saying I don't trust them until they sign.

Yeah that's right. An 18 year old dude was too tired from sitting in a car for 3 hours to show up at UM last night. Bandy wasn't too tired but this dude was. LULZ.

Repost that Stampini tweet again, broke. Done deal. Anyone who questioned Henderson as being an erratic dude, who has been all over the place for a year, is a soft sissy
Our coaching got to ****y at the end of this and it might bite us in the ***, Started with McFarland. Man I am just ready for all this to be over