Chad Thomas sample featured on new Drake/DJ Khaled track

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Peter Ariz

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Jun 12, 2012
It’s been a busy few months off the football field for Miami Hurricanes defensive end and local product Chad Thomas.

After rapper Rick Ross used one of Thomas’ instrumentals for his album intro ‘Apple of My Eye’, DJ Khaled released a song this morning with Drake, which appears to sample another one of Thomas’ beats and ad libs. Khaled released his new single ‘To The Max’ from his upcoming album titled Grateful. The beat appears to be a sped up sample of Thomas’ 2015 song ‘Get ‘Em Right’.


Remember the #GetEmRight challenge featuring Miami running back Gus Edwards a couple years ago?

It has not yet been announced if Thomas will receiver production credit like he did for the Ross track, but it is impressive nonetheless.

Here is the new Drake/Khaled song:
Can he be compensated for this work while in school? I'm thinking it's the same as any other part time job.

I'd like to know this as well. Minnesota had a kid who had to choose between his rap career and college ball. NCAA gave him no grace.
The compliance office is aware and monitors this.

I'm not sure what the rule is regarding fair market value of intellectual property, but it's possible that any income that exceeds whatever limit there are could be placed in a trust. Not sure.

But again, one has to assume the compliance office does their job so us plebes don't have to worry about it. This is 100% on the compliance people who are paid salaries to make sure we stay out of trouble.
Does he also play an instrument? A lot of producers can play a wide range of things.
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In before the gits say he should practice football 24/7...

At this rate he probably won't even be playing football that much longer. I wouldn't if I were him. I'd bust my *** his year, get drafted, maybe play a year or 2 ...get max exposure and then hang em up.
good 4 him..... I dont like that beat but if the new heads like it and he does well good 4 him go make that paper chad
Good stuff but the Evan Shirreffs sample on the new Michael Buble album is straight fire.