Bout To Blow Up - Joe "Juice" Yearby


Mar 6, 2016
First off, I would have brought this to yawl earlier but, well you know.... Man Oh Man, when I tell you the sky is the limit believe me!!! I will let this draft breakdown from my man Matt Waldman from the Boiler Room run it down for you. This Diamond of ours was mentioned in the likes of Frank Gore and Clinton Portis.... All I can say is wow, if you don't allow yourself to get caught up with the names but understand the emphasis is on the elite traits then you will understand where he is coming from. Pay special attention to the pass blocking references this is for the "pass pro" people out there that love to bring that up. But anyways, Let's Get It!!!! Moro Brings You Another One......

Note: There is a reason I had to mention "don't get caught up in the names"... There will be at least one that needs this understanding. The comparison is actually respect to those players and God didn't limit talent to one generation of athletes so always expect the same talent to appear in future generations or you will be sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!

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Portis had elite speed, and Gore does everything better. Not a knock on Joe, but comparing him to those guys is a disservice to him. Hopefully he makes a roster.
There is a place for him in the league, and I think he'll find a role for a few contracts...but comparing him to 10,000 yard career rushers is a bit much.
He could def get some burn with the Chiefs. Man, we were limited at RB this year without Charles who will be gone next year as well. Would love to pick him up as a FA if he doesnt get drafted.
Yearbys always had good cuts, he needs to work on his speed. hes very quick footed but his strides for breakaway need to improve. He will be a good NFL back.
joe yearby will be a star. he rarely fumbles, actually had better yards per carry than walton, and he has speed that will help him in the nfl. my opp he is underrated.
Possible late rounds, likely undrafted.

A couple years on practice squads before he takes his talents to enterprise.

Hope he gets his degree before deciding he was ready to leave
i thought this thread was about joe yearby getting caught shooting 'roids.

OP's rant is nearly unintelligible.
SMH...Richt did a horrible job of getting Joe more touches, especially in the passing game...should've used em' like McElwain uses Powell...SMH.
Yearby is what he is. Good vision and balance, solid hands, willing blocker and good receiver. However he's limited athletically. He's not fast enough or big enough to merit playing time in the NFL. There's a place for him in the league though but it's got to be the right circumstances.
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i thought this thread was about joe yearby getting caught shooting 'roids.

OP's rant is nearly unintelligible.

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