Bama vs. Clemson

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Jan 26, 2014
Who you got and why?

I say Clemson because of Watson, and I think their D will give Bama's O a lot of problems.
General rule of thumb is you take the better D (Bama) but Clemson has enough D and the better QB. Clemson 17-14
I personally think Hurd isn't very good. He has benefited from a tremendous defense and fantastic athletes at the skill positions; he also has yet to deal with the pressure of a tight game. I think Clemson will eat him alive. Well at least I hope.
I'd love to see Clemson win, but that Bama D is just too good. Watson has been turning the ball over way too much this year, Bama D will score, again and win the game.
Watson turns the ball over but the D bails them out of trouble. Clemson gets up early and holds on late 21-17
I think Watson and his receivers eat Bama's db's. Clemson 31-21.

You called my exact score and my dig at their DB's. Alabamy's offense gets exposed as nothing special and the blame game gets heated up early in the 3rd quarter in the direction of the obvious scapegoat- Lane Kiffin.
Clemson if they can keep Watson's turnovers from being defensive touchdowns for Bama.
It's all about the match ups.
Special teams - This is a push.

Offense - Clemson's O is better than Bama's D. I know that is heresy around these parts with all of the SEC slurpers, but it was true last year and that O is even better this year plus has a chip on its shoulder. OSU*'s D is no pushover and a lil more than a week ago, they had their collective faces pushed in by this O.

Defense - This is the biggest matchup difference of the evening. Clemson's D, when it plays like it did last game (and I believe will this game) is definitely superior to Bama's O. If Clemson takes the run away, this thing will be over by the end of the 3rd Q. No way Hurd beats this D on this stage by throwing the ball most downs. Very unlikely, but if this happens early, Clemson will blow them out. VERY unlikely....just like blanking OSU 9 days ago who has a better O.

Final analysis: Despite what Vegas thinks, the Bama players have it right - they really ARE the underdogs in this. If it's an "all things being equal" scenario where both teams play close to potential, Clemson solidly wins. If Bama's D does it again with pick 6's and scoop and scores, then they win, because their O isn't THAT bad. They get ahead on the scoreboard and get Scarborough going, they'll win and could win walking away IF Watson coughs up the ball often and early.

My prediction: Clemson 38 Bama 28. It'll be entertaining in the 1st half, Clemson dominates the 3rd Q, Bama hits some plays and comes back in the 4th Q, and then Clemson puts it away late in the 4th with one more score to cap it off.
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41 - 20 Clemson... Trust me on this one

Hurts and that Bama defense will get exposed tonight.
Clemson. The key to beating Bama is not letting their D score. Put the focus and pressure on Hurts.

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Think Clemson pulls this one off. The key for Clemson is to avoid turnovers and giving Bama's D some points. If Clemson is able to do that, I believe it will win this thing by a couple of touchdowns.
Switching OCs right before the chip is the most arrogant move Saban has ever made.

I think Clemson's D - we saw what they just did to Urbam - absolutely dominates the freshman QB and bama's offense. Clemson's offense is good enough to put up points on bama.

Clemson 21 Bama 17
Clemson 24 'Bama 20. If Watson has 1 or 0 picks, Clemson wins; 2 or more and 'Bama rolls.
I like Clemson by 2td's+. Hurts lack of passing gonna catch up with them. Plus I really want to see Nicky meltdown and Sark start drinking in the 3rd qtr.

Go Canes!
Until someone beats them, I'm going with the champ. Unless Watson and the offense pulls a rabit out of their hat, I don't see them being able to run the ball. Watson will have to have an epic game like last year to get it done. I'd love to see him go out on top and contrary to some opinions around these parts, a win for the ACC is good for the conferences image.