2019 Manny Diaz - State your Stance


Nov 5, 2011
We got out of Richt's buyout for nothing. The next 2-3 seasons are with house money. We were supposed to be trapped. Maybe Diaz is the guy, maybe he isn't. We've been in show me mode for over a decade and still are, nothings changed from the season goal. Win the coastal, show incremental improvement, maintain momentum.

There's a version of this thing where we're happy the lumps were early, and not late.


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May 11, 2017
He's our guy. He is a Miami guy and will get this program back on track. The man has JJ on speed dial and will hold people accountable.

Give him time. He HATES to lose. HATES IT. He understands Miami better than any coach we've had in over a decade.
“Miami guy” where have I heard that BS before? JJ On speed dial, again where have a heard this before? It’s all the same BS we’ve heard from the last 4 staffs. He’s holding his players accountable huh, ok, more importantly who’s holding the fvcking crap assistant coaches accountable? There the ones coaching these kids. Some one put up a graphic on here Of the most players in the nfl from the top colleges the last ten years and we were number three. Everyone of those other top ten teams have either won or played for a title in that time except us. If that’s not a direct indictment of the shitty coaching this admin has hired then I don’t know what is. Manny and his crap staff are no different and will be gone sooner then later. Mark my words!
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Nov 17, 2015
I overreacted harshly after the first two games and have come down a bit.

I'm withholding judgment. But in the moment, I'm still infuriated by all the tiny things this team does wrong. When they pile up on each other like that, it ends up being the difference in a two-point game.


Jan 12, 2014
It’s early to write him off. He says the things I want to hear but the loss to UNC raises concerns for me. I definitely think coaching is our biggest problem. We need someone who can outperform or even perform up to the talent levels we have.

As for UNC, one issue I have is that they were way worse than us last year, with less talent and a new coaching staff as well, yet we lost to them. It’s unacceptable. I still think we have to watch to see if this staff learns, adjusts and improves or continues on the UNC game path.

Additionally, I’m getting visions of Alf with Dorito and Mork with Jorn as it relates to some of the staff we have. I want to see if he makes the tough decisions needed here as well.


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Dec 11, 2016
Only two games in. I'd like to wait until the end of the year to make an accurate assessment.

Gun to my head, yup. He's the motherfucking man.


Nov 4, 2011
I saw much better play between the first and second games. Much better.

If he keeps us improving at that rate - we got ourselves a coach.

Still got things to work on this week - but everyone on the team seems upbeat and looking forward to future progress. We sure took the starch out of UF * * * *talking fans - and UNC knows with just one play - it would have gone the other way.


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Jun 3, 2016
I like where we are headed. I am in on Manny for 3 years, no matter what happens. It takes at least that to turn things around IMO. I have seen improvement in the offense, we have a QB (remember, if we just had a QB?) I believe in, we have taken a step back in the D, but that is Manny's forte so I can see this getting better. Yes it sucks we are 0-2, but I still believe we will be a top 15-20 team by year end. We have so many new things going on and lack stability right now. This will come with time. I like watching this team much more that last year and if you don't believe that UF and UNC are going to be pretty damn good teams this year, I do not know what to tell you.
We need to clean up the back end of the defense (this will come with experience) and grow our O-line (again, will come with experience) and we will be pretty damn good. We are building a monster not a one hit wonder or paper tiger. Grow these young linemen and DB's/safeties.
I believe that a lot of outside people think we are a better team at 0-2 this year than last year after beating up on cupcakes. These loses will make us better later in the year. I was with Mark for 2 years, then lost faith that he had the gas to continue, as did everyone. Manny has the gas to go long term and he will. I am with him and I still believe we win the Coastal and go to a NY6 Bowl game this year. Just my 2 cents. GO CANES.
By the way, I was at the UNC game and that crowd was fvcking electric all night long, tough place with that crowd. Our boys did well and Howell is going to be a thorn in the ACC teams side for the next 3 years. Dude just pretty damn good.