Yearby: 80% chance Cook flips

Yearby: 80% chance Cook flips

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
2014 Miami Central RB Joseph Yearby has been a firm ‘Canes commit for a few months. His flip to Miami from Florida State was primarily because of his relationship with James Coley.

“Me and Coach Coley have a great relationship and he is a very nice guy on and off the field. We can talk about anything and it’s an amazing feeling to have a coach like that,” said Yearby.

Playing in his hometown was also something attractive to Yearby.

“What made me want to switch is that this is my hometown and Coach Coley just sealed the deal.”

Yearby has been one of the top players in South Florida since his sophomore year in high school and will go down as one of the all-time greats in the area with another productive season. What does Yearby himself think about possibly being mentioned with the Duke Johnsons and Frank Gores?

“It probably won’t sink in ‘til my 12th grade year starts, but it’s starting to get in my head a little bit.”

The ‘Canes commit has high expectations for the team this upcoming season.

“Miami is going to have a very good season with Duke, Stephen, Eduardo (Clements), Allen Hurns and a few more guys coming off injury so they should have a very good season.”

Another reason Yearby is confident in Miami is because of Head Coach Al Golden.

“I believe in his vision because he’s trying to get the program back where it needs to be winning championships.”

Yearby’s 5-star teammate Dalvin Cook is currently committed to UF, but that isn’t stopping him from trying to get Cook to Miami.

“I’m trying to recruit him a lot because that’s my partner in crime right there, I do something then he does something. It should be an 80% chance with him.”

After Cook committed to Florida and Sony Michel picked UGA, some Canes fans have been worried about the situation at running back. Yearby has a message for those fans who are concerned.

“Canes fans, ya’ll don't gotta worry about anything. I’m a Cane all day everyday.”

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Win and Miami gets everybody they want by NSD. The mighty Canes are about to be rolling...
Wouldnt it be great when Yearby, Sony and Cook sign with Canes on NSD.
I would talk about Cook but I would rather talk about the future beast that said “Canes fans, ya’ll don't gotta worry about anything. I’m a Cane all day everyday.” That's the dude that I want to be the face of this class a future all american who stands by the :neonu: everyday
I like that cane all day everyday statement hopefully we get his partner in crime. I wonder if Miami beats florida this year does cook flip
i know its early but im petitioning canefreak to get us a yearby vid to show him some love
Reminds me of last year when Kief said he was 99.9999999% Cane.....
I know we need more RB's but let's show love to Yearby who is elite and all cane. If he wasn't in our class it would devastate our RB potential and depth Duke will be a Jr and Yearby is the only one that compares. Thank u Yearby for being a cane, I think u are the most important player in this class.
****, when we start talking about percentages my blood pressure starts to rise.
Il be doin backflips if we flip cCook. Best player in the country IMO.
yearby is the man. love his vision and cuts... kinda like Gore

unfortunately, recruiting is so "what have you done for me lately"
Wish I could like this 40 times. LOVE. THIS. KID.
I ain't worried about Cook.

Shout out to Yearby though. Most unappreciated 5-star of ALL-TIME!
Love to have Cook but really happy to have Yearby who is being underrated a ton because of Sony and Cook.
So when Yearby was committed to FSU Miami was not his hometown? Gotta love the youth...