Upon Further Review: Savannah State

Upon Further Review: Savannah State

Lance Roffers
Lance Roffers
Welcome back to Upon Further Review, where we will review each game of the 2018 season. This game against Savannah State was predictably a blowout win for the Canes, but it also gave us a chance to see a bunch of players for the first time. As such, I’ll highlight more of a consistent set of plays for each set of players, rather than focusing quite so heavily on the beginning of the game where the tone is generally set in more competitive contests.

First play of the game we come out on a 3-4 defense against their spread 5-wide look. For me, if you’re going to go 5-wide I’m going to blitz you pretty heavily to see if your QB/OL can identify the free rusher and adjust their protection accordingly. We stood up Joe Jackson on the edge to the top of the formation and walked Pinckney into the “A” gap (between C & G). McCloud moved down to the middle slot and Redwine directed traffic on who would be covering whom. It was a nice little gesture of leadership from Redwine and shows the steps he’s taken forward in understanding the defense. He made sure that McCloud knew what he was covering on the play. We stepped Shaq over to the inside hash to take away the slant front the inside WR and Redwine had that WR in the seam. At the snap, we backed Pinckney out of the blitz look and dropped him into coverage and actually blitzed Shaq. Sav St. slid their protection to account for Pinckney and completely disregarded Shaq who ran unblocked to sack the QB. Remember how I talked about how Redwine made sure McCloud knew who he was covering? That’s important because Redwine actually switched the responsibilities on the play due to the blitz by Shaq and replaced McCloud in the middle slot and moved McCloud inside where he had help from a backpedaling Pinckney. We dropped the standup Joe Jackson into coverage in the flat and it completely fooled the QB who wanted to take that area with the pass. In the second shot you can see #65 trying to block Pinckney instead of sliding out for Garvin so that the RT can then take Shaq. I often get asked how can players get wide open etc. and this would be how. Miscommunication. With as many players switching and replacing as there are on this play, you could easily see confusion. Excellent execution leads to an easy sack.


Next play, this is what you want to see- and didn’t see much against LSU- is that push up front from the DL. Then, Zach McCloud stays disciplined in his gap integrity. Here he is quickly diagnosing the run and attacking his gap, rather than running straight to where the RB is and opening up a cutback lane. McCloud didn’t make the tackle at all and won’t get any stat sheet credit, but he did his job well. Good play.

Joe Garvin, this is perfect! He eats up ground quickly into the backfield, recognizes the zone-read, breaks down so that he can take the RB on the give, or crash inside on the QB keep. Sav State isn’t going to be used to this sort of athlete in their games most of the time, but this is perfect by Garvin. Then you’ve got help screaming off the edge at the top to help with backside pursuit and this play goes nowhere. If you hear the broadcast, disregard the credit being given to Pinckney, this was Garvin making the tackle. Pickney avoids a block at the top of the screen and knifes in for clean-up work.

Deejay with the fair catch on the punt. (Not pictured)

Donaldson gets whipped on first down and they make a tackle for loss. (Not pictured)

Left side did their jobs on this play, but the right side is getting pushed back by Sav State. Gauthier is getting shocked back into the backfield one-on-one here. RG & RT are getting pushed back and that causes the angle to be a little wider for Homer and gives that LB time to crash that lane. If the OL pushes their DL another yard downfield, the LB has to go more sideways than at an angle to crash here and Homer has another yard upfield to work with. Langham was very slow to get up to his block at the top of the screen and is in a defensive position already. He needs to be coming in over his toes, rather than on his heels. Homer fumbles on this play as well.

Next play and not a single Sav State player defeated a Miami defender. Considering the OL should win 80% of the time, this is not good for them. Garvin has a facemask here, but I’m also pretty sure the OL isn’t allowed to do this. The referee is staring right at this. Sav State is as bad offensively as you’ll ever see.

You are blocking Garvin with a TE on the edge that you’re running into. You’re trying to pull two blockers AWAY from the side you’re running to. Fine, you’re trying to show counter action to pull a LB away, but you have to also understand your RG is never going to get to Joe Jackson on this play. The QB has to keep this ball, they seriously are not even attempting to block Shaq on this play. There just isn’t a guy designed to block him. They’re expecting the counter motion to take him out of the play on his own. That’s tough to scheme to expect a guy to make a mistake and if he doesn’t you have no other answer for him. The QB has to pull this ball and try to outrun Jackson to the corner. Otherwise it has no chance of success.

We stunt Bethel and Willis here. The C does a perfect swan dive into Willis here. It was a perfect swan dive, but let’s just say that’s not how they teach it on the teaching tape. Bethel creates early pressure and flushes him. Look at the motor that Willis has on this play.


Delay of game and screen pass and nothing doing. Pinckney is showing his athleticism is on another level in this game. (Not pictured)

Roman stated last week that teams are going to see that tape from LSU and try to exploit it against us with regards to CB blitzes because Rosier didn’t see them that game. Here is Sav State early on trying to see what they can do with it. Mallory is pointing it out here from his H-back position. We throw the bubble screen to the other side. It’s there, but the slot CB reads it and Cager goes way too far upfield and completely misses the block. You always have to work inside-out on these blocks and Cager got too antsy to get upfield. If Cager makes the block you’ve got Thomas 1-on-1 on the S before the end zone. Instead it’s incomplete.


2nd down, Mallory badly misses his block on the edge out of an offset look. Thomas pancakes his guy to let Homer get wide for a few yards. If Mallory makes his block they also had the FS crashing hard. We just didn’t have the numbers or the blocking on this play. (Not pictured)

We roll Rosier to his left, which is the hardest throw for a right-handed QB there is. That said, he has beautiful protection here. Just get your shoulders turned here and deliver an accurate ball. You can see in the edge of the screen he’s got a wide-open guy. Look at how he tries to deliver it instead of getting square. Incomplete.

Feagles with a bad kick. Of course Homer covers it, because that’s what he does. Blades down there on punt coverage as well. (Not pictured)

Willis dominates the C and ruins the play. Next play they tried to run wide on our defense and basically everyone gets out there but Garvin is first. Willis beats his guy badly and forces the RB to bounce. They can’t block 9 or 97. (Not pictured)

Again, this is not teaching tape on how a RB should block. Not exactly under control here. Amari Carter gets around him with ease and sacks the QB.

I will probably always have a soft spot for Travis Homer just because of how good he is on special teams. He’s the guy at the 39 springing Dallas for his run and nearly decleating the kid he’s blocking. Credit to Knowles for getting just enough of his guy on the edge as well. Gurvan blocks down the field at the 35 and if we hold that outside block at the 32 it’s a TD. #8, not sure if it’s Ivey or Wiggins.

I’m not a fan of the technique that Mahoney (especially) is using here. He’s leaning onto the defender rather than trying to drive him. He also has his head down and can’t see what he’s trying to hit at all. As an OL, you can be one of two things; a waist bender or a knee bender. Waist benders need to struggle to provide real power and movement in the run game because they are losing the strength from their legs. Donaldson has always been a waist bender as well. Gauthier with the nice arm extension on the DT to help Mahoney as he gets to the second level. To be fair to Mahoney he makes the block well, but I like process over results in the long run.

If it feels like I’m picking on Mahoney, I’m not trying to, I’m just highlighting things I see when I watch the game. I don’t know anything about #4, but I do know a Savannah State CB pancaking a Miami OL when the OL has momentum on a screen play is not what you want. #50 for Miami (Boulware) is getting extended run at LG and performing well. He has excellent movement skills.

Gray picks up the 3rd and short with a run up-the-middle. Good push by the OL and Mahoney makes a strong block. Next down is a dump pass to Gray who gets a nice gain. Cool little play design where the TE released, the FB released, HB comes and blocks the closest rusher. Rosier is expected to take a hit from the extra man and pick the guy open at each level. He does a nice job and then shells up to avoid a big hit. (Not pictured)

Gray has a dive up the middle for a nice gain. Tough running. (Not pictured)

Mahoney pulls from his RG position and misses his block. If he makes his block Homer cuts off his hip and gets a TD. Mahoney tried to block the inside shoulder of the defender which allowed him to slide off the block and set an edge and force Homer back inside. Polendey missed his block on #68 as well. You can’t see Polendey because he’s on the ground (helmet just off of on 74 on the ground).

Next play and St. Louis blocks the wrong guy. Sav St. overloads and puts four guys on three blockers on the edge. 50 is supposed to crash down on the DT. St. Louis is supposed to take the DE and Brevin is supposed to take the LB. They are leaving the outside edge man free and holding him with a swing motion by Homer. We hold the opposite edge with a fake boot carried out by Rosier. St. Louis takes the LB with Brevin and leaves the DE free to run straight to the RB and make the stop. Bad execution but you see we aren’t getting much push either.

Next play is a beautiful play by Mallory. His leaping ability is great, but his ability to track the ball and catch it is rare for a player so young. TD. (Not pictured)

McCloud makes a nice tackle on the kickoff. First down run and Tito whips his OL and gets into the backfield. Rousseau ragdolls the edge OL and the run goes nowhere. Next play Patchan plays the speed option look they give perfectly. He gets upfield into the pitch lane and then is able to work back down towards the LOS (Line of Scrimmage) on the handoff. Tito gets great push from the backside and helps clean up. Not thrilled with Ford getting moved off the ball on back-to-back plays. (Not pictured)

Patchan gets upfield and flushes the QB. Nesta plays NT on 3rd down and shows excellent pursuit to make the tackle on the QB once he’s flushed. Sav State cannot handle this DL. (Not pictured)

1st down and give Rosier credit, he’s got a two-way read to the same side of the field. His first read is Harley out of the slot on a square-in. He looks at Harley and moves the LB. Dallas is wide-open on the swing and Rosier adjusts and throws it to Dallas. Moving S’s and LB’s with his eyes is something that Rosier does not excel at, so to see him do it here is encouraging. You’d like to see a lot better mechanics from Rosier, but he delivers an accurate ball for a first down. He’s actually striding away from his target here instead of adjusting his footwork. Hightower makes a nice block on the play to spring him.

Good protection. Looks for Brevin and hits him in a zone. (Not pictured)

I’d like to see Rosier start his eyes from back-to-front instead of front-to-back. He takes the checkdown to the slot here, but Hightower is wide-open on the deep-in if he looks there first. In fact, he’s probably more open than Harley if Rosier throws with anticipation for a bigger play.

Next play is a nice throw on a covered Brevin. Rosier stared this one down, but the LB’s cleared and the OL gave protection so he had a clear lane of vision. Brevin is going to be so good. Next play is a swing pass to Brevin that was telegraphed a bit. St. Louis is chipping the end and then trying to get to edge who rushes upfield and jumps up and knocks the pass down. (Not pictured)

Just a little slow getting to the edge here. Donaldson ends up dominating his man and pushing him out of the way, but it forces a little more bounce than you’d like for Homer. Mahoney gets away with a hook on the edge here because he overran the play a bit. Homer takes this to the 3.

St. Louis misses the block on 58 again and lets him go right through the line again and hit Gray in the backfield again. We are down blocking on the goal line and St. Louis isn’t getting there before the DE shoots the gap. I honestly am not sure if Mahoney ever sees the man he’s blocking because he looks at his shoes all game. If he just bent those knees a little bit he’d be so much more powerful and able to see the guy he’s blocking as well.

Rosier sneaks it in for a TD. (Not pictured)

1st down and Pinckney is peaking out of his zone too much. He sees two guys coming into his zone but the Z WR has already started a shallow cross and is well into his zone. Pinckney watches the TE come into his zone even though he’s supposed to pass him off to Jackson, who stays outside when his man runs the shallow cross. It’s an easy dump off and it goes for 9. Pinckney has to keep his eye discipline and play that shallow cross. Once the WR has his body past the LB like this and is already running, the LB is never going to recover in time.


Mike Smith sees the play, fires his gun quickly, has the RB for a loss and…misses the tackle. (Not pictured)

DL is blowing everything up and allowing the LB’s to stay clean. Announcer says “Michael Pinckney comes on the delayed blitz because of the coverage.” Nope. Pinckney rushes the QB because there are no receivers who come into his zone. Shaq already blitzed on the 3rd down and Pinckney is spying the QB. When the QB flushes, Pinckney goes and forces the QB to throw it away. (Not pictured)

Next drive, the OL is St. Louis, Jones, Gauthier, Boulware, Donaldson. Mahoney has gone to the bench. Boulware tries to get out to the second level and is nearly knocked down by the DT crashing. DT makes a tackle on the RB. Boulware at RG is a tough transition after being LG earlier. (Not pictured)

This isn’t gonna work, Donaldson. Also, you want to know why Rosier is so inaccurate, it’s all in the feet. His stride is perfectly forward. He’s throwing this with a misaligned torso. He throws this ball all the way to the sideline for a wide-open Thomas. The ball is high and Thomas has to make an exceptional catch attempt. They overturned it on replay and it all goes back to two things; Donaldson getting beat and Rosier having poor footwork.

Next play. Look at his mechanics on this play in a clean pocket. They’re perfect. It’s also the best throw of the year for Rosier. He puts the ball perfectly in stride with a streaking Jeff Thomas. If he makes Thomas break stride it’s just a nice gain. With a perfect throw it’s a TD. These small things add up to so much when you’re playing good teams. We need more of this Rosier.

Kickoff, Mike Smith pounds the ground after he misses the tackle on the returner. Derrick Smith makes the tackle. (Not pictured)

Missed handoff on a jet sweep recovered by Bandy. (Not pictured)

Next drive, Mahoney back in at RG. Jones at LG still. Boulware out. Perry in at QB. Perry throws it to Langham on the out. Perry throws it too hard, but he had good mechanics on the pass. Too much speed caused it to get there before Langham was there. Guessing the difference in arm strength messed up the timing a bit, but need a little more touch there. Understandable given his first collegiate pass. (Not pictured)

Next pass is tipped. Gauthier had his guy locked up but he got his hands up and tipped the pass. A little more touch to get it over the line is needed there. (Not pictured)

3rd & 10 and we go swing pass to Brevin. He gets 8 with some nice blocking downfield. (Not pictured)

Tough run on the zone give to Homer. OL just not moving anyone. They’re waiting too much instead of moving people with first contact. Gauthier is pushed back on the next run and it forces Homer to go wide and get very little. (Not pictured)

It’s a noticeable difference in mechanics with Perry into the game. He throws that quick slant to Cager beautifully. TD. (Not pictured)

Pinckney knifes into the backfield but misses the tackle on the QB. Rousseau runs him out of bounds. 2nd down and they try to read on Tito. He just makes a beeline for the mesh point (point where QB fakes or gives the ball to the RB). Forces a keep well into the backfield and it’s a loss on the play. He doesn’t get anything on stat sheet, but good quickness by 94. Patchan makes the tackle and has played very well. (Not pictured)

Jaquan misses a tackle in the backfield but he gets the receiver down before he gets a first down. (Not pictured)

Perry fakes the handoff, does a rollout away from the pulling action. Has Brevin in the flats but Perry is looking deeper. He had Brevin early but waits too long and then he treats to put touch on the pass and it’s a floater. Pass is very short. Awkward play. Perry “looks” so much better playing QB than Rosier but he’s struggled with the intricacies of when to put touch and when to throw hard on his first few passes. (Not pictured)

Bad run by Dallas on the next play. Runs right into the blocker and misses the hole to his right. Gets nothing. Donaldson didn’t do a very good job on the block but Dallas has to take the three yards here to his right and hammer it between 62 & 58. Dallas normally has better vision than this. Announcer is criticizing the OL for being too high and I agree completely. Look at Mahoney here just standing straight up. No power in his base or through his knees. He’s absorbing the blow rather than delivering one.

More mechanics film. Arm is low, bit lazy delivery. This ball tails and is behind Dee Wiggins. If he has his arm up a bit higher he won’t get that fade in his throws. Boulware straight up-and-down absorbing blows again. Have to wonder if this is how they’re coaching it (if they are, I’m sure they have their good reasons).

Awful Feagles punt. (Not pictured)

1st down and Mike Smith makes the tackle. (Not pictured)

On 2nd down I have no idea what Jennings is doing. His man is the RB at the top of the screen. Mike Smith is rushing here and is responsible for the edge. Jennings has to take the RB but is way too shallow and takes the fake hard. He’s already beaten right here (his foot is on the edge of the U at the 45).

Mike Smith blitzes and has a free rush. He’s got McCloud to his right who is responsible for the QB. Smith runs to the QB as well, which allows the give. If Smith goes to the RB as he should, this play is a huge loss. Garvin beats his man and makes it a loss anyway, but that’s some of that instinct on what your assignment is that is missing from many of our backup LB’s. (Not pictured)

Next play Garvin blows his man up and gets upfield. He misses a tackle for what would’ve been a huge loss. McCloud does a nice job flowing from behind and smacks the RB after a short gain. McCloud has played well. (Not pictured)

On 3rd and long Michael Jackson misses his jam and allows the WR to get into his route quickly. Jackson turns to chase and it opens up a back-shoulder throw for a big gain. This Sav State team completed one pass the entire game last week, so the fact that they’re getting some completions against our defense is a bit deflating. (Not pictured)

4th down they stop them, but it really looked like the RB got the yardage and got a bad spot. This was the worst rep of the game for Willis, who got mauled and completely moved out of the hole on the run by one OL. (Not pictured)

Quick swing pass to Harley and Cager again misses the block on the edge. Harley had a nice run making people miss. Good run on second down where the line had a hat on a hat and opened up a lane for Homer.(Not pictured)

There is no reason to be pulling your eyes down from this pocket. He really just needs to slide a little bit or dump it off to Homer if he’s antsy. Jahair Jones is getting put onto the ground here though. While Jones got turned out, he still held the DL off even from a knee. He gets nothing on this play. Perry needs to allow the play to develop a bit better than this.

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Another pass from a clean pocket when Perry had time to let the play open up for #4 behind the LB’s. Brevin catches it, but for a short gain. We need Perry to stay in that pocket a bit longer. (Not pictured)

On third down Homer steps on Perry’s foot as Homer tries to come across him to pick up a blitz. Awkward play and you can tell they don’t get a bunch of reps together. (Not pictured)

Feagles with a really poor punt. Little hang time from the 50, it hits at the 22 and dies at the 18. It goes in the books as a punt inside the 20, but it was a bad punt. (Not pictured)

Willis destroys the interior of the line. RB has to bounce it, Michael Jackson is unblocked and misses the tackle in the backfield. On 2nd down they run an inside give and McCloud plays the correct gap and makes a nice tackle. He’s played well. (Not pictured)

Second half kick is a short one and Dallas gets out past the 40. Nice burst on the return. (Not pictured)

Starting OL back out there with Perry to start second half. Inside give to Homer. Gauthier pancakes a guy. Mahoney initially gets his block, then he slides off and makes the tackle after 4. (Not pictured)

Here is a pretty blatant reason we are struggling so much on outside zone runs; we just aren’t getting to the defenders quickly enough. Look how far into the backfield Gauthier is contacting this defender. He needs to be getting there a step quicker and a yard closer to the LOS on this play. If he does, this is a huge run. Instead, Homer has to cut it inside and the backside pursuit man and the guy Gauthier are blocking make the tackle for loss. One of the reasons has looked better than Homer is because we run a lot of power with Dallas and our OL blocks that a lot better. Homer runs a lot of outside zone and our OL is not good at that right now.

This ball needs to be another five yards downfield, but at least he gave Langham a chance to stop, come back for it, and make a play on the ball. Excellent catch where he just took it away from the defender.

I believe the great @romancane had this in his writeup From the Perch, but the out route that Perry threw from the near hash on the 30-yard line, all the way across to the boundary at the 7 was an NFL throw. He threw the ball about 30 yards in the air and threw it to where only Cager could get it. Great throw by Perry. (Not pictured)

Next play we have an inside give and St. Louis gets beaten inside by a quick move from the DE. If St. Louis makes this block it’s a walk-in TD. Jones has the outside guy. Mallory has the man in front of him. Thomas has the S. Instead it’s about one yard.

Next play we ask several OL to reach block and for the most part they do a good job on outside zone. Jordan still has no idea what he’s blocking. Look at him just looking straight down at the turf (5-yard line). I pointed this out last game as well. Mallory is the one at the 3-yard line getting whipped by #22 who blows up the play. If Mallory makes his block it’s probably a TD. Though Jones never really does get his block at the 5-yard line. Instead it goes for just a couple.

3rd down we run play-action and Jordan goes to the corner and Gray goes to the flag. Jordan is wide-open for the TD. Good throw by Perry not to rush it or throw it too hard when he’s excited. (Not pictured)

1st down for them, run a QB sweep and Joe Jackson and Shaq blow it up. 2nd down Shaq guesses QB draw outside and it’s a QB draw to where he was. Goes for 5 yards only because Miami is so fast. On 3rd down Sav State runs the same play that they ran earlier in the game. Pinckney is having a two-man route in front of him in zone. This time the outside slot runs the seam and freezes Pinckney and then a crosser runs underneath it. Again, Pinckney does the same thing and stays outside too long even though the route is covered behind him and the crosser gets in front of Pinckney. Once that happens there is no way you are trailing and making a play on the ball. It’s an easy first down completion and Pinckney has made the same mistake both times. If I were an opponent I’d be putting Pinckney in position to cover that crosser as much as possible. (Not pictured)

1st down and they hold. Then on the replay of the down they try and inside give. Look at Rousseau use his length to completely shock the defender backwards and plug any running lanes. The RB cuts this around that OL right into Shaq, who completely whiffs on the tackle and gets knocked on his butt. Then Mike Smith comes in at the top of the screen and misses a tackle, which allows the RB to run for the first down. He actually whiffed so badly on the tackle he tackles Shaq who has gotten up and is trying to wrap him up behind the LOS. Bethel is the one on the ground behind Rousseau’s foot. Have this play completely defended if we just make a tackle. Rousseau has shown flashes of greatness in this game.


Next play is just an unbelievable interception by Redwine. Great play. (Not pictured)

Richt can take the blame for the play call all he wants on this play, but here is what Perry has for a pocket. He is standing there snug as a bug and can see everything. There is zero reason to throw this ball into a zone coverage where the route is covered. Interception. Like to see Gaynor stay on his feet here, but at least he’s still working even after losing his footing.

Willis creates immediate pressure on an inside run. Garvin cleans up. DL blows up an inside give on 2nd down. Second effort gets a couple. QB flushed on 3rd down and Amari Carter makes a nice hit to prevent a completion. (Not pictured)

Pretty safe to say they wanted the shutout. Jaquan blocked it, but there was pressure by Patchan and Carter up-the-gut that caused him to need to hook it anyway.

1st down is an outside zone give to Homer and Boulware makes the block on the edge that we’ve had trouble getting most of the day. St. Louis seals the edge and Deejay gets a pancake block ahead of the play to open a huge hole. Deejay seriously impressed me with this drive block. He wanted his man to taste turf and he did. The play probably goes much further if not for Evidence tackling Homer way downfield. Evidence is going to need to block a whole lot better than he did on this play if he wants to earn more PT. (Not pictured)

On this one Gaynor is beat immediately as he tries to get a reach block on outside zone but Donaldson needs to help him out here. He needs to extend his left arm at the snap and push the momentum of the defender back to the C so he can’t get such a great jump off the snap. You see Dallas has to turn his shoulders perpendicular to the LOS at the handoff and then his arc is to go around 65 here and into the hole led by Homer. Eventually the guy being blocked by Gaynor comes off that block and makes the tackle. That reach block by the LG or RG (depending on side of field) is the most important block of the entire play.

This is a clean pocket. In fact, they don’t get much better. #83 has a defender just to his right, so he’s not open because the LB is standing in his vision so he can’t throw a bullet pass here. Perry decides that he’s got a nice gain if he runs and he does down the sideline. I originally was going to be critical of this play but after watching it a few times it was the right read to pull it down and go.

This is creating a hole to run through. Donaldson has his knees bent, flat back, powering his guy out of the hole. Gaynor has gotten downfield and hit his guy so hard the force straightens him up and he just annihilates his man. Dallas has an open hole and that S is not able to make the tackle and Dallas runs to the 3. Evidence is the lead WR again and again misses his block. In fact, he didn’t even try to block- never touched him- (I’m assuming not expecting the run to pop) and the guy on the 29-yard line runs Dallas down. Evidence won’t play if he keeps putting effort like this on tape.

This is a mistake by Perry. He needs to give this ball since the edge defender is upfield and not crashing. Gaynor has his block here and it’s going to be a nice gain. Instead Perry keeps it and loses yards.

Second down a poorly thrown fade to Hightower. On 3rd down a great catch by Brevin at the goal line goes for a TD. Brevin did a great job of plucking it off the turf and using his body to shield the defender. He’s good. Gaynor drove his man completely out of the picture and opened up a beautiful throwing lane for Perry. Donaldson neutralized his man very well. Line was St. Louis, Boulware, Gauthier, Gaynor, Donaldson and it’s been our most effective line of the game thus far. (Not pictured)

Kickoff and Blades covers it well. Wiggins is down there as well as #29 Chad Allen (walk-on WR). Good coverage. (Not pictured)

1st down and Rousseau gets into the backfield immediately. Patchan chases the QB out. Dean finishes it on the edge. 2nd down is an inside give. 3rd down and we put Nesta at NT again. Nesta is quick and powerful. He immediately whips the interior of the OL and then reverses field and makes a pursuit tackle when Patchan also beats his man on the edge. It’s time to release Nesta more often. (Not pictured)

Punt return. It’s an excellent punt that pins Thomas on the sideline. He immediately reverses field as all of the coverage is sucked inside. Ivey makes a key block to seal his ability to get outside. Then Carter obliterates a guy trying to track back across as well. Bandy gets out front and just can’t quite get his man pushed out of the hole and he makes the tackle at the 15. Elite speed but a lot of his teammates helping out with serious effort plays as well. Miami has played really well (and hard) on special teams today. (Not pictured)

Cade is now in. No idea what Weldon is looking at on his first pass. He throws it early and it should’ve been picked off. 2nd down and Cade keeps the ball and gets outside and walks into the end zone. Sav State had little effort on the play to stop him. Evidence made a nice block at the end to get the last guy out of the way. (Not pictured)

1st down and Mike Smith takes too shallow of an angle and gives up the edge. He even tackles a teammate who was trying to get out. Carter keeps his balance and makes the play. Tito has played well at DT in this game. Nesta and Patchan have played great. 2nd down and Jennings takes another shallow angle and gives up the edge. We have to get our backup LB’s to simply do their job and not try to make plays on every play. (Not pictured)

3rd down and we blitz Derrick Smith off the edge and he comes clean. Ball is intercepted by Dean and this play should’ve been a TD. Look at the top of the screen, we have two guys up there to block and neither one takes the man standing right there. Finley and Blades run by him instead of blocking him and he makes the tackle on Dean. If one blocks him Dean has a convoy to the end zone outside. You need offense out of your defense when you get the chance and I hope the coaches talk about this play.

Finley knows it too. Look at him with his hands on his head.

1st down and we’ve got the kids in at OL. John Campbell at RT is taking his man for a ride. Gaynor is at C. Mahoney is at RG. Bar Milo is at LG. Scaife is at LT. Nice job by the OL. (Not pictured)

2nd down and it’s a big gain if Milo makes his block but he completely whiffs. Falls flat on the ground and is scrambling to get up. Never touched the guy who makes a tackle after 7. You can see Milo on his hands and knees at the far end of the screen like a bull who had a matador pull the cape.

Weldon hits Polendey on a nice throw on 2nd down to get to goal to go. Then on 1st down he gives it to Lorenzo and he finishes it tough. Every OL got their block except for Milo lost his on a quick double-team. (Not pictured)

1st down and Nesta beats his man but loses sight of the ball when the QB pulls it. McCray re-traces his steps and makes the tackle. If Ford could beat a block in this game I’d be happy. He’s been subpar today. 2nd down and McCray comes around the edge and makes a tackle. (Not pictured)

3rd down and Nesta has so much range for a DT. His pursuit is outstanding as well. He screams across the formation behind the LOS and nails the RB. Rousseau was also trying to get in there and Nesta hit the RB so hard he fell into Rousseau which bent his leg/ankle underneath him. Look at Rousseau jarred and is now doing the splits here. Nesta is an animal.

Travis Homer is such a beast on special teams. The outside protector missed the block on the gunner here, but Travis Homer ran down the middle of the field and streaked to get to him before he could make a tackle on Thomas at the 15. Thomas returned this ball past midfield. That’s a ton of yardage that Homer made possible here. Knowles had a block downfield that helped spring it further as well. Amari Carter had an ok block, but he didn’t get the OL down who was trailing the play and made the tackle to save the TD.

Jarren Williams now in at QB. Scaife is at LT, Gaynor at LG, Milo has moved over to C, Mahoney at RG, Hillery at RT. Cam’Ron Davis at RB. Roman has hit on the first throw for Jarren, which is a deep out into a small window with a LB in front and a S behind the receiver. CB playing outside technique to the boundary. It’s a big boy throw. Ezzard with his first career catch. (Not pictured)

There was a different command of things when Jarren was out there. It could be because he’s directing a bunch of freshmen, rather than upperclassmen, but he’s left no doubt who the leader on the field is during his time out there. Ball was a beautiful deep comeback to Pope who slipped on the play. It’s a really catchable ball. (Not pictured)

2nd down Hillery releases his man and tries to get to the second level. His defender just runs in and makes the tackle. I’m guessing that’s a bust by Hillery because he literally never blocked a soul. (Not pictured)

3rd down it’s a zone read and Perry pulls it. He was slow in his read and he really should’ve given it because the edge stayed home. It looked “off” all the way around. When Williams jogged to the sideline he was tapping himself on the chest as if to say, “my bad.”(Not pictured)

Throw deep into the end zone on 4th down and it’s a nice play by the CB. Evidence didn’t get any separation but Williams put the ball up and gave him a chance. The throws just look different when Williams throws them. He’s got the arm strength to make all the throws but has the touch to get them into different areas as well. I like the kid from this limited sample. (Not pictured)

On 2nd for Sav State Waynmon Steed makes one heck of a play. He fires into the correct gap, takes on a blocker, and then makes the tackle for loss. Ok, I see you, 17. Look at Tito getting into the backfield again and forcing the RB to bounce.

Next play and Nesta and Patchan get into the backfield and shut down a run. (Not pictured)

Welp, Nesta and Patchan team up on 4th down as well. Nesta basically takes a man and blocks the punt with him. Patchan is just kind of loafing, honestly. Then runs over, picks it up, and runs into the end zone. Nesta was so great on this play he actually ran over and got a block so that Patchan would score.

Patrick Joyner, young fella! Destroys the ball carrier and forces a fumble. He did not stop to “read” anything, he just fired to the ball and decided to hit them both. Steed recovers and gets to wear the chain. Miami ball.

1st down and Realus George is into the game. He actually missed his block, but since three other players did as well, it’s less noticeable. Facemask penalty as well. 2nd down he didn’t miss his block. The first pancake for Realus George. Robert Burns actually had a very nice run. He finished the run as well. Burns looks to have real talent as a RB. Jarren keeps on the next play and walks into the end zone. Wish he’d have given it so that Burns gets the TD, but I understand Jarren wanting to get his own as well. I don’t know who #92 is at kicker, but I hope he never has to kick actual kicks for us. He sneaks the ball in on the extra point. (Not pictured)

Jordan Miller uses his hands to get a defender off him and makes a nice tackle. (Not pictured)

On 1st down they give to Lorenzo Lingard and he looks every bit the part of a future star. The speed and burst are both electric. He takes it to the house and scores another TD. Good effort from his receivers to get him into the end zone. The young players really seem to care about one another and want each other to succeed. That’s just the feel I get while watching the tape. (Not pictured)

Final score: Miami- 77, Savannah State- 0
Tremendous article. Very concerning that Mahoney was praised by Richt as the "highest graded" OL. Also have to wonder about St. Louis, and why he is missing the reads on DE's. He was so solid for us at RT last year and I wonder if mental errors are coming as part of his discomfort from playing on the other side of the line.
Just horrible....

I highlighted this play. It's the one where I say I don't know who #4 is, but it's not good when he pancakes your OL with momentum.

The staff has Mahoney as the highest rated OL. They definitely know the scheme and what's going on more than I do, but I'm hard on plays like this one.
Just horrible....

Oh my Freggin God! Are u kidding me right now?? This is our starting OL and Richt has the audacity to say they were OK? This is by far top 5 worst kick out screen blocks ever; naw bump that, top 3. Who am I kidding? The worst.
Oh my Freggin God! Are u kidding me right now?? This is our starting OL and Richt has the audacity to say they were OK? This is by far top 5 worst kick out screen blocks ever; naw bump that, top 3. Who am I kidding? The worst.

How the **** is one your starting OL getting pancaked by a D2 kid(especially when you are running right at the kid). The other guy looks like he runs a 10.29 40.