Upon Further Review: Toledo

Upon Further Review: Toledo

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Welcome back to Upon Further Review, where each week we take an in-depth look at the film of Miami Hurricanes games. This edition will feature Miami’s 49-24 win at Toledo.

First play, Toledo tries an inside zone give and Willis uses a straight arm technique to control the RG, Jaquan lined up in-the-box and takes away the cutback lane. Pinckney fills hard and Willis smacks the RB for no gain. (Not pictured)

Next play and Shaq and Redwine are communicating pre-snap on who to take. RB lines up to the left of the QB, just outside the hash marks. Shaq shifts a yard to the left of the hash to match the RB. I’m not sure why, as there seemed to be confusion on Miami’s part, but Shaq takes another step to his right and he’s already outflanked right here. This RB has him beat to the flats already. We are in man-press up-top, so the DB’s are going to turn and run with the receivers. The RB’s momentum is already headed that way and Shaq is several yards behind as the RB catches this and runs for an easy first down (Romeo Finley fell down and left the edge wide-open). Shaq needs to stay lined up at least two yards further to his left to have any chance. He can flow inside-out if they try an edge run. If you look in the second screenshot, I believe Shaq was the edge player to the other side and they just ran a great play against that defense, but if Shaq lines up a few yards inside more he can allow himself to get to both spots.


Toledo tries to hurry-up on 1st down and their QB tries to go deep and it’s incomplete. They had a TE running a square-in wide-open in the middle of the field as the LB’s both split to cover the flats (you can see he is coming open behind Shaq and Pinckney flares out to the other flat leaving a nice open space behind them). It’s just Miami’s QB’s who miss open receivers. Gerald Willis beats #67 almost immediately. He uses his patented arm-over after the initial strike and pressures the QB. He’s so good. Part of the problem Miami runs into later is with what Garvin is doing here- he’s rushing so wide he’s leaving a wide-open lane to run through. Toledo makes an adjustment later to start crashing down on Willis, letting Garvin or Joe Jackson run wide and the QB just steps up into the open area for easy running yards.

Bethel whips #67 and forces the RB to bounce immediately. Willis is upfield and gets credit for the TFL, but Bethel makes the play right at the snap. Look at Miami’s DL all completely on the other side of the LOS and #67 is on all fours.

Toledo tries to run the sprint option out of shotgun on 3rd and 13 and basically everyone on Miami comes running up and gets another TFL. I don’t know about that play call, but Bandy beats a block immediately, Derrick Smith stayed home, Joe Jackson beat his block and pursued. The play had no chance. (Not pictured)

1st down and Rosier’s pass is knocked down by the NT who got his hands up. I’d like to see Gauthier punish him for that when he does it. If you’re going to put your hands up, I’d like for my C to bury you right in the chest when you do that. Make that statement early and DL will be more hesitant to put their hands up later in the game. (Not pictured)

2nd down and St. Louis locks his man out, Gauthier does a nice job of getting his left shoulder onto the NT as he gets to the second level and Mahoney handles his man straight up. Donaldson had no one to block and just ran down to try and find someone on the bubble screen to Thomas out of the slot. (Not pictured)

3rd and 1 and we QB sneak for the first down. (Not pictured)

1st down and apparently this isn’t pass interference with the ball already in the air. Ok.

2nd down, few things here; the reason St. Louis gets beat here is he overextends and gets off-balance. This is the moment where he’s already lost on the edge. I’d like for Jahair Jones to absolutely punish the DE from the side here. I want my OL to look for work and not be spectators. Rosier throws a decent pass over a LB, but a bit behind Langham, who makes a solid catch.

Good job by Mahoney to get to his block here on the pull from RG. Homer makes a nice cut in the hole. If Jahair Jones makes his block at the 45 this has a chance to be a house call. He doesn’t get his block and it’s only a solid run. Look at Gauthier completely manhandle #93 here. 93 started right on that hash and trying to get to Homer, but Gauthier completely moved him. Great job by him of turning his shoulders and hips to have leverage to wall off that defender and make a hole. Just one guy missing his block can change the course of a play.

2nd down and Homer gets the first down on a dive play. Kind of a dirty play when the LB #17 thinks St. Louis is the RB (I’m guessing) and wraps him up as if he were a wrestler shooting the legs and takes him down. I’m surprised that didn’t start a fight. (Not pictured)

This is teaching tape on how not to play OL at the point of attack. #62 is doing his standard leaning technique here. Look at Navaughn Donaldson completely losing his balance here (in fairness, he tripped over Brevin). Should be hands to the face on #55 against Brevin here- not called. Jahair Jones is getting trucked right here. This looks like one of those blocking sleds when you hit them and stand them upright. Not good. Gauthier gets his block. Jahair Jones makes the tackle with his legs as he’s driven into Homer.

The very next play we play it so much better. Look at the wall they’ve already created here. This play is going to work at this very moment. Mahoney pulls, which gets the LB’s to flow that way as their initial keys would dictate. Donaldson takes Mahoney’s guy and gets to him in time to get leverage. St. Louis seals his guy. Gauthier gets out and passes off with Brevin, who crashes down on the outside LB while Gauthier takes the inside LB. Malik makes a very nice block on the edge to spring Thomas, and he should get credit no doubt, but this is the moment this play worked. Thomas with a great run as well.

We are so much better running the ball when we run inside zone or inside power runs. Here, we pull Jahair Jones, who buries #21, Donaldson blocks down on the edge very well, and Dallas just waits for the hole to open up once Jones clears him. If Mallory holds this block at the 12 DeeJay scores (he doesn’t), but Dallas drags him for a first down.

What is Jahair Jones doing here? Look at how he’s impacting him with his hands way out wide. It’s almost like he’s leading with his face on this block. As you can imagine, this was not effective and this man comes off and tackles Deejay for a loss. If Jahair makes this block it’s a TD. I honestly just don’t know what to say about what he’s doing here. Jones’ reaction told you he already knew how much he blew that play.

Next play we go empty and we pulled Jahair around but this play is a TD even if we don’t have a LG on the field. Look at how the OL just opens this play up right off the snap. Malik runs right in behind Jones in that giant hole. Good job by everyone here- especially Brevin, as he was key to getting #55 out of the hole. I like using Rosier’s legs out of empty sets.

Joe Jackson this is not ok. He is being blocked single-up by a TE here and doesn’t come close to winning. We can’t have that and be a great DL. This allowed Toledo to slide their OL and get an extra blocker on our interior DL and create a beautiful pocket. It’s also a good thing the QB was looking the other way because Bandy missed his jam and got beat off the snap. It was maybe a TD if the QB is looking that way as we were in a single-high S look up top and he was shaded to the other side of the field. Romeo Finley actually goes up and makes a nice play on a 50/50 ball against a WR but we got lucky the QB wasn’t seeing the field here in a clean pocket. Second shot is of the WR running free at the 40.


Next play and that same H-back is moving Joe Jackson inside by himself. Toledo QB doesn’t just take the open man here for some reason. Instead he just holds the ball and lets Redwine streak in and sack him here. Jaquan is a couple yards behind him, but just flick out front and it’s an incompletion or a couple yards instead of a sack. QB has to know he doesn’t have a blocker out there and he’s naked.

3rd & 17 and somehow the officials miss this hold against Garvin. I mean, the guy has two hands holding him back by his jersey. Bandy nearly intercepted the ball on the sideline on a throwaway by the QB as Shaq comes free and is going to crush him.

My goal while doing these is to simply highlight what I see. I say that so as to state unequivocally that this is not personal against any one player. I am not sure what Jahair Jones is aiming at here. Both of his arms are way above what should be a normal target area. He’s also standing straight up-and-down again. I want to see Miami’s OL delivering the first blow on these running plays and not letting the DL get into them quite so much. Donaldson gets completely blown off-the-ball here. If Donaldson delivers the first blow there is no way he’s going to get moved nearly as much as he does here. Both of the two defenders I’m referencing here come off the blocks and meet at the RB for no gain.

I’d say Jones is getting ragdolled here, but it’s also hands to the face, truthfully. Jones recovers and the OL gives Malik a clean pocket. Then Rosier throws deep to Jeff Thomas and there is all kinds of hand-fighting, plus the CB cut the WR off from his route. Pass falls incomplete.

We hand this ball off on 3rd-and-9 and Homer follows Gauthier off a Mahoney block (that he doesn’t make) and the S comes upfield and tackles Homer after 4. I think Rosier has the option to pull this ball and throw it to Brevin and I wish he had. We’ve got numbers out there with two blockers for the two defenders and then Brevin just needing to make a play against that edge LB crashing down to pick this up.

Jaquan covers the punt very well. Nice play by one of our stars on special teams. #29 completely tackled DeeJay Dallas by his jersey on the return and no call right out in the open. Surprised they missed that one. (Not pictured)

1st down and Mike Smith runs right into his own players back. Pinckney could be tougher at taking on this pulling OL but at least he’s where he is supposed to be. I always want my LB to deliver a blow to that OL and sometimes you can actually knock the OL back into the hole and have him make the tackle on the RB for you. If Mike Smith doesn’t just run into the back of his teammate he’s standing there to make this tackle in the hole. Instead this goes an easy first down (you can see the cutback is covered by your edge defender at the top of the screen). This is an example of poor LB play. The stat sheet will show a Mike Smith tackle though (14 yards downfield).

This is a good example of not understanding what the defense is. I don’t know who makes the mistake here, I’m guessing it’s not Michael Jackson and is instead Derrick Smith, but that’s a guess simply because Jackson is pointing telling him where to be. They run a pick play against man coverage and I’m guessing Smith is supposed to take the instead guy and Jackson is supposed to stay deep. Jackson sticks to the guy going deep and Smith needs to slide down on #3 who is wide open on the outside slip screen. Smith comes back and makes the tackle, but this is free yards for Toledo due to misunderstanding the defense you’re in. Pinckney showed outstanding range by being the first guy after initially rushing the QB. Impressive.

They throw a dump pass to the RB on the next play and it looks like he’ll get the first down but Shaq crashes quickly and under control and the RB tries to dance. Bandy smacks him and then flexes over him. He’s an old-school Cane. (Not pictured)

Next play and Toledo cut blocks our DL (strongly dislike cut blocks being legal) and the QB tries to run. He slides too early and the officials correctly ruled him down before the first down marker. (Not pictured)

4th down play and Andre Ware says something I disagree with. He says that the QB has the first down if he just follows his lineman inside. Gerald Willis has completely blown this play up and forces the QB to go wide. If he tries to follow that OL inside he has no chance. If he tries to cut it back Derrick Smith takes his head off. He tries to bounce it wide and Shaq smacks him down for a loss on the play.

Next series and Boulware is in for Jones. Donaldson is completely mauled here. He actually has both of his hands on the sides of the helmet of the defender here. He has no leverage, no anchor, no chance. Whew, Donaldson will want this play to go away quickly. St. Louis is already beat up top as well. We tried to run a reach block for him on the DE and he doesn’t come close to making this block. He knifes through and gets the TFL.

Rosier probably should’ve given this ball. He’s got two unblocked defenders well outside of his leverage. He tries to get outside and #95 in this screen shot actually tips a pass that he tries to throw. While it fell incomplete, it easily could’ve been intercepted.

3rd & 12 and Donaldson gets away with a hold on the edge. Rosier eventually pulls it down and runs outside. He makes a tough run and gets 7. Donaldson is having a tough game. (Not pictured)

Blades and Homer surround the returner on the punt. I’m noticing Blades is trying to challenge Homer for supremacy on punt coverage. Excellent. (Not pictured)

This is realistically a bad play and then a very good play by Joe Jackson. He takes the cheese on the inside motion here and gives up leverage on the edge. This blocker should be able to easily seal him inside and give the QB room to operate on the edge. Instead, he releases into a pass route, Jackson jumps inside, then runs the QB down for a TFL. He even does a pretty cool little calf roping dance afterwards.

Shaq actually makes a nice move to beat the OL, gets around him and he has a chance for a sack. He just gets off-balance and the QB slides off him inside. Then Jaquan takes a poor angle and lets the QB get outside for a first down. This is the sort of play you want to see Shaq make a bit more. He’s sort of been an “almost” player a few times this year.

Next play was a nice dumpoff to the TE but they had two guys hold on the play. They called it on #72 (and he does hold as well), but they must have missed the absolute mugging the RT is doing on Garvin here as well.

While watching live this play really got me upset. We stunt Patchan inside, which is perfectly fine, but that means the LB’s have to replace the gaps. Shaq has to get three yards further outside here. Realistically he should be running to where the box that says 1st & 20 shows on the screen. Pinckney needs to be getting to the inside shoulder of this big OL. That way he can fill either gap. They let this play get the edge way too easy on the power counter. The LB’s have to know what gap is left undefended on any kind of movement in personnel (such as a stunt). If Patchan did this on his own when he shouldn’t have, I change my thoughts to him.

2nd down and Willis beats his guy and clogs up the running lane. 3rd down and Willis wins immediately. #67 just absolutely tackles him after he runs past him and throws his arms up as if he didn’t do anything. They called this one but Shaq tackles the QB behind the LOS anyway. Patchan really showed a great motor to keep moving and staying on his feet on the play as well. (Not pictured)

1st down Canes and Rosier keeps it. They’ve been crashing that RB run hard and Rosier keeps it and the edge is wide open. Hightower at least puts effort into trying to block on the edge, though it wasn’t extremely successful. First down run. Hightower has been getting snaps over Langham. (Not pictured)

Next play and it was a nice QB play by Rosier. His first read is to throw to Wiggins on the dig over the middle. The S comes down hard on the play and he goes to his second read, which was Hightower, and throws the ball in a spot that Hightower comes back for, rather than putting it front of him and getting his head taken off. Found the soft spot in the zone. Good play.

Very next play is a little swing pass to Harley who would’ve walked to this first down if Rosier throws and accurate ball. Instead, Harley has to spin back away from the LOS to catch it and it brings up a 3rd & 1. Really, we just need more consistency on staying ahead of the chains and this offense will look better than it has.

On 3rd & 1 the OL gets a very nice push and it’s an easy 1st down for Gray. (Not pictured)

I wrote earlier about wanting my LG to “look for work” when they don’t have someone to block. Here, Boulware just destroys the edge rusher who actually has leverage on St. Louis here #99). This probably didn’t change the play in this instance, but another second and Rosier is compromised in the pocket instead of having this clean pocket to throw from. Jeff Thomas is so fast you can see he is open right now at the 25. Rosier knows it as well as he has nice anticipation on this throw and is letting it go already. The video looks like an easy wide-open throw, but you can see Rosier throws it long before the three steps Thomas had. A bunch of players did a lot of good things on this play (Mahoney and Gauthier stone their man), but don’t leave out Boulware finding work and keeping Rosier from getting pressure.

1st down for Toledo and we run an interesting stunt at DT. Odenigbo is actually lined up where Ford is taking on the double team here and pulls around. I’m guessing this is intended to counteract the number of pulls that Toledo is trying to do (and does on this play). Odengibo gets to the spot before the OL and blows this play up. Shaq actually throws the RB forward when he tackles him or this would’ve been a TFL, but Tito made the play here. Give credit to Ford for doing the dirty work here as well. He knows he’s going to have to tie up blockers here and take on a double team and he does a decent job of standing his ground. He gets pushed out eventually because he is too high and the OL gets under his pads, but he did his job.

Next play, Tito gets a nice burst off the snap, but at times when that initial rush is deterred he gets moved out too easily by a single blocker. We tried to loop Ford around from the other DT position and it just takes too long to get there. The QB makes a beautiful throw down the right sideline and beats Jackson for a big gain. (Not pictured)

1st down we blitz Mike Smith right off of Garvin’s right shoulder and then send Garvin around behind Smith. Give credit to Smith as he knifes through and makes himself skinny to get past the OL. Garvin gets into the backfield and they get the TFL. (Not pictured)

Garvin lined up a full yard to his right on this play. The fake was a toss into the flat here. Why is Garvin running straight at an OL and giving up the edge? If’s that full yard outside still, he can get upfield and force the QB to cut back inside instead of giving up the edge here. Giving up that edge from our DE’s was the reason we had so much trouble stopping the running QB.


More miscommunication on 3rd down here. Before the snap the three defenders on that side are all pointing and trying to figure out who is covering whom. Derrick Smith is completely flat-footed here and really is already beaten here. We double the outside WR (Dean & Bandy, that has to be a mistake) and leave the flats completely open. If the QB wanted to wait a second longer and let the receiver take the defenders deep he could’ve just dumped it off to #7 for a first down as well. It goes to Cody Thompson for an easy first down.

Get a false start on Toledo. (Not pictured)

We run blitz Pinckney here, who sees the gap he is supposed to hit and fires his gun. He is not worried about that play fake at all. Again they try to pull an H-back and Pinckney gets there before he ever had a chance. Blows this play up for a loss of 3.

Earlier when I wrote about the two defenders on the outside needing to “switch” receivers because one is coming back to the LOS and we didn’t do it? Well, on this play we get it right. The guy at the 33 was originally Jaquan’s man, but once that #4 starts coming back to the LOS they immediately switch and Jaquan is already headed towards the play and Bandy is taking the outside man. This is a fake screen to the RB that Willis and Demetrius Jackson are chasing and a throw-back to the WR #4. Jaquan pops him right at the LOS for another TFL. All because the defenders all knew what they were supposed to do on the play.

3rd &16 we blitz Derrick Smith off the edge. We stunt Willis way around the other side and leave a parting of the Red Sea up-the-middle of the field. Garvin is so fast he retreats from his DT spot (where he stunted) and chases down the QB after 8. Athletic play. (Not pictured)

I wrote in the preview that Toledo had a great kicker, and he generally has been, but that was as bad an attempt as you’ll ever see on his FG try. (Not pictured)

When I was watching live I saw this play and thought to myself, “that’s going to end up in the review.” We tried to pull Jahair Jones and Gauthier in outside zone. Jones was pretty slow to get going and Gauthier catches him, but so does the defender, who pushes Jones right into Gauthier- effectively blocking him for the defense. Jones is going to want to get rid of this game film. Homer was shifty enough to cut it back behind the block of St. Louis here to get a few. Brevin does this wham block especially well and knocks his man completely out of the play, opening up a lane for Homer to get a couple.

Scaife into the game at RT on the next snap. Jones gets blown up by #98 on a little swing pass, but everyone else on the OL does their job. Look at the pass from Rosier. Thomas has his momentum moving forward here and Rosier throws it on a line. Thomas has to spin back away from the LOS and it takes his momentum away and he gets 6, but it could’ve been a first down. This pass is such a big part of the offense, Rosier needs to get this one in his ****nal.

Next play and Miami can’t get lined up. Has to burn a timeout on 3rd & 3. (Not pictured)

3rd down and Toledo sends six rushers. Everyone is single-up and Homer has to take a rusher. We release Gray into the formation and try to hit Brevin off play-action but Gauthier gets beat and the rusher hits Rosier. Brevin wasn’t open anyway. If he had more time Gray was coming open on the other side, but there’s no way he could’ve seen him unless he was his primary read on the play. Not really a fan of Langham, Brevin, Gray being our receivers into routes on that play. (Not pictured)

On the punt, Blades draws a holding penalty. Jaquan gets down there and makes a nice tackle. The officials called the hold. I’ve written before about how Travis Homer has competition on who can be the best gunner for punt coverage and look at this one. Blades is getting held at the 30. Homer is flattening out and coming across at the 30. Almost a dead heat. Knowles is competent on special teams as well. Our coverage teams are markedly improved.

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Bethel knifes through and does an excellent job of getting his hands up and continuing towards the QB here. It’s a good thing too, because Jackson is beaten on the slant by #2 and he’s got running room in front of him (Jaquan is back there though). When you watch this on film you really see how big of a play it was for the defense.

Good LB play by Pinckney here. He follows the eyes of the QB and gets into the lane. The QB wants to hit that square-in route behind the LB here but he can’t. Willis blows up #57 and sacks the QB. Garvin has the edge as well. Romeo Finley did a nice job in coverage on this route as well. Really stuck with the WR.

3rd & long and Willis and Garvin collapse the pocket. They tried to roll the QB to his right and Pinckney and Shaq really played it smartly. Shaq was front-side LB and rather than taking a bee-line for the QB on 3rd and forever, he gets over and stays into a position to impact any throws along the sideline. Pinckney comes at him from a pursuit angle rather than overrunning it. Garvin is giving chase from the backside and the QB tries to go back over the middle of the field and it was a poor throw. (Not pictured)

We pulled Jahair Jones again and he’s just struggling with getting there quickly enough. You can see Deejay has to basically stop right here to allow Jones to get to the block. To his credit he makes the block eventually. St. Louis is getting an elbow under the chin here. Mahoney is trying out the two-handed grab as he runs by technique. Mallory has lost all leverage at the 50-yard line and is getting physically dominated. Dallas has the patience and the vision to turn this mess right here into an 18-yard run. Brevin you can see on the 50-yard line as well. He breaks down like he’s trying to make a tackle. He needs to attack this block. Blow him off the line. Instead, he lets the defender initiate contact and comes off to make the tackle downfield. Sometimes it’s nice when your guy is simply better than their guys.

Next play we run it again and Donaldson has to “rub” the defender that Mahoney is blocking and then get to the next level. Donaldson does neither. In fact, he nearly tripped over his own feet. Jones had a nice block. Brevin pulls and misses the edge defender, but Donaldson blew the play up by missing his block. Dallas makes the guy miss and still gets 5. St. Louis missed his block on the second level or Dallas might’ve gotten a big gain. Our OL are really struggling in space. (Not pictured)

Oh Donaldson. This isn’t going to work. He gets completely blown off the ball here and forces Dallas to go way around him here. This was a bad rep. Mahoney obliterates his man and opens up a lane after Dallas runs several yards out of his way. This is the difference between this run going for 8 and this run going for 28. I see you Wiggins getting your block on the edge. Popped inside so he could move the defender away from the hole in outside zone here. Doesn’t get a great amount of contact but putting himself in position early makes it where the defender can’t get to the ball carrier.

Throw it. Throw it, Malik. You have him right now. Wide-open Mallory right here. He goes all the way to the sideline and never does square up (my guess is he’s looking at the rusher right here). He throws it like a dart (all elbow) at the end and Mallory drops it. He has him early and for a big gain right now. Lucky they didn’t call the hold on Gauthier here though. Bear hugging someone from the side there.

DeeJay Dallas might be taking the RB job away from everyone else. His vision is top-notch at the position. We run an inside zone run, Jahair is supposed to push the DT down the LOS and out of the hole. The DT spins off of him and I saw him do an actual 360 looking for where his man went. Homer saw the spin from the DT and cut off of him before he could react and had a burst through that hole and gets to the 8-yard line. (Not pictured)

Next play after a timeout we motion offset and get him running E/W at the snap. Handoff looks like a fly sweep. We asked Mahoney to pull and get to the LB crashing and that’s a tough ask. He doesn’t get anywhere near his man, but I don’t really blame him there. The LB saw it quickly and was into the hole before Mahoney had a chance. Homer still had the speed to get the edge and get to the 2-yard line. (Not pictured)

We pulled Jahair and run straight power at the goal line. The OL just collapses the Toledo DL and Jahair actually never touches a soul but Rosier battles through a tackle and gets into the end-zone.

Baxa kicks the first of two kickoffs out-of-bounds. (Not pictured)

This is free money. If you’re going to crash your DE inside like this, you have to replace him on the edge. Jackson is actually beaten here, and the QB wants to go there, but Tito collapses the pocket and gets his hands into the passing lane. The QB pulls it down and runs into that freeway of an edge for an easy 1st down.

We ran a 6-man blitz, sending both LB’s and then played cover-3 behind it. QB finds a wide-open Cody Thompson in the middle and he picks up 6. The Canes rally to the football well to make the tackle. (Not pictured)

Next play they pull the G and Demetrius Jackson takes the cheese on the read option. They give to the RB right into the spot Jackson vacates. Pick up the 1st down. (Not pictured)

I’ve praised our LB play a lot in this game, but this is bad LB play. Pinckney takes himself completely out of the hole here and even though Demetrius has done a good job of setting the edge here, there is an open gap where the LB left the play (on the 35). This is also the play that Ware accused Jaquan of faking an injury.

I have nothing against Knowles, but Toledo knew exactly where they were going with this football the very next play after Jaquan left the game. He’s six yards off of him and still slips trying to keep up. This really is asking your player to do something he’s simply not capable of.

2nd down and Jackson gets beaten inside immediately. When you’re playing inside technique you can’t get beaten on the first step inside and Mike Jackson did. Luckily it was just off his hands in the back of the end zone. (Not pictured)

This was an interesting defensive play call on 3rd down. We doubled the outside WR, though Finley lined up over the slot at the snap. He goes outside and Bandy takes the fade. Basically we are baiting two throws here: An out to the outside WR or a slant to the inside slot. They throw the inside slot slant and the QB stares it down the whole way. Shaq sees it now. He gets there…and lets it go right through his hands and is caught for a TD. For me, I’m probably playing this a little more straight up and not trying to rob two throws, but it would’ve worked if Shaq completes the play.

This is a good example of why you have to have Rosier pull the ball on the read option at times, even if it doesn’t look like a huge gainer. This is an inside zone play and the OL does their job for the most part. Jones is the helmet behind the double team here and the guy next to #55 is his man. He lets the DL stay straight instead of turning his shoulders away from the LOS. The read option by Rosier holds that outside edge defender and Mahoney and Donaldson do a good job turning their man. Gauthier releases downfield and Homer does a nice job of hitting the hole hard and gets a first down on this play. Donaldson scrapes off this block and gets a LB as well. If there is no threat of Rosier ever keeping the ball, that edge defender just crashes hard on the run and makes a TFL here.

Next play the Toledo LB’s do a nice job of maintaining their gaps and even though the OL got a nice push there just wasn’t anywhere for Homer to go and he just hits the hole hard and takes the four-yard run. Too often we’d see a RB dance on this one looking for a big play, but keeping the drive on track with four-yard runs is winning football. (Not pictured)

One of my observations from this game is that Toledo is a physical team along the DL. Several times in this game I’ve highlighted their DL getting up under the chin of the OL and here is another example of that. He is literally punching Jahair Jones under the chin on this play. They lost their camera on the play and changed to this angle after a dark screen so I didn’t get to see the snap, but I think Gauthier or Jones missed a slide assignment here (most likely Jones since Gauthier actually makes the calls). They wouldn’t have left this DL free to run straight to Rosier. Especially when they had enough blockers to handle the rush. It’s also possible that Gauthier missed his block and Jones slid to help rather than allowing an immediate free man. Either way, Toledo is a borderline dirty team.

On 3rd down, this can’t happen. You’ve got six blockers for four rushers. They run double stunts here. You can see #21 loops inside of the DE as a rush LB. Up top they run a stunt as well. Mahoney handles his stunt well, but Donaldson gets beat immediately around the edge here. Jones doesn’t see the other stunt and he’s also immediately off-balance (look at how wide his legs are here). Homer picks the wrong area to block/release and this rusher comes free right into the face of Rosier and just destroys him (Rosier is tough, no doubt about it). Donaldson is beat on the other side one second after this shot and Rosier can’t step into the throw. It dies and doesn’t get out to Hightower, who was open at the top of your screen on a deep ball. Donaldson and Jones are going to get together and have a bonfire on this tape.

Bethel completely whiffs on his block on punt protection. Funny, the guy who nearly blocks it was Desmond Phillips, who if from Miami and was once a Miami commit. Demetrius Jackson and Bethel as your punt protectors has been dicey this year. This has to improve.

First down Toledo runs a trap play and gets a couple of yards. Shaq with nice backside pursuit to shut the play down. (Not pictured)

If Garvin is going to rush wide like this Bethel is going to have to slide over and rush about three yards further to his left, otherwise this is just an easy escape for the QB. You can see #67 has Bethel pinned inside already and #71 is just pushing Garvin way past the pocket. QB steps up to his left, forces Shaq to crash down to protect against the run and he just dumps it off to that RB in your screen here. He runs for an easy first down.

Next play they do a good job plugging up all the rush lanes. Shaq reads his keys and finds the ball. Knowles comes down and plugs the backside cutback lane. TFL. (Not pictured)

2nd down and Toledo forms a beautiful pocket and Diontae Johnson blows past M. Jackson on the outside, who missed his jam and gave up separation. Michael Jackson has had a tough game for him. Knowles was very late getting over on the play as well. Need more range there. (Not pictured)

Willis whips the interior OL and Joe Jackson beats his block and they meet in the backfield for a big TFL on the RB. This is the play Willis gets hurt. (Not pictured)

Someone has to take the RB on this play. They blitzed Pinckney, Garvin comes off the edge, they’re sending Knowles on that long SS blitz that seems to never work. There is absolutely nothing in the flat on the edge here. It looks like Toledo just picks the perfect play call against the defense because we dropped Joe Jackson into coverage on the other side and I wouldn’t think we’d be dropping both Garvin and Jackson. I’d rather they scrap that SS blitz and have Knowles drop down to the flat area on the play. The RB takes this ball to the 5-yard line.

Next play and again Joe Jackson jumps inside and no one replaces him. Pinckney gets caught peeking into the hole instead of jumping out to the edge. The RB just bounces it once he gets the handoff and walks into the end zone. Bad LB play, or Jackson simply lost the edge, or both most likely. (Not pictured)

Boulware in at LG. Dallas tries to bounce it off-tackle. Boulware initially makes his block and gets his guy off the LOS, but he’s on the inside shoulder blocking, which allows the defender to come off that block and make the tackle. Boulware needs to be one step further to his right and he can turn that defender and then there’s a hole here. Mostly, this is just good defense.

2nd down and the OL opens up some room up-the-middle but Toledo is just crashing downhill with their LB’s in the run game. Everyone pretty much did their job, but they’re not dominating right now. Rosier is 6-14 at this point and you can see Toledo is selling out for the run. (Not pictured)

3rd down and we get a clean pocket from the OL. Thomas was in the slot and Cager was on the outside to the far side. We run Cager up-the-field as a clear out and Thomas comes behind Cager to go outside the hash into an easy open area against very soft cover-3. Thomas is wide open and Rosier delivers on-time nicely. This was give-up defense, way too easy. Absolutely petrified of Thomas’ speed. (Not pictured)

More hands-to-the-face by #93. Straight up under-the-chin here. Boulware does a good job of anchoring and not allowing penetration. Donaldson does a nice job of pushing the rusher wide as they gave Rosier just enough time. Great adjustment and catch downfield by Thomas, what a throw by Rosier, who drops the ball in the bucket and keeps it outside so that no S can get there. Jeff Thomas is a stud.

This is how it is done right here by #50. He takes his man for a ride and completely moves him out of that hole. DeeJay Dallas follows him and runs straight into the end zone untouched. I’ve talked about needing to turn the shoulders of defenders multiple times and here is an example of exactly what I’m talking about. Great job #50. St. Louis turns his guy just enough as well. You see how St. Louis’ shoulder is turned in to prevent the defender from sliding that direction into the hole.

Baxa kick out of bounds. (Not pictured)

Stunt both DT’s inside, clear the LB’s in man, and this is just easy money for the QB. You have to replace the gap integrity against a running QB. Shaq overruns the play and allows the QB to cutback behind him for a big run.

Rush wide, don’t replace. QB run for a big gain. Easy. Money. Bethel has to stay outside if Garvin is going to rush outside and play your LB’s in man. For me, I want Garvin to stop going so wide and giving up this edge. Keep him rushing in position and it solves a bunch of these issues. Joe Jackson isn’t getting a ton of pressure, but he’s being more disciplined in his rush lanes, which keeps the QB more in the pocket. Romeo Finley was hurt on this play.

1st down we blitzed Knowles off the edge. Bandy was locked up with Diontae Johnson on the outside. We sent Shaq on a delayed blitz and that vacated the area behind where Shaq was for a square-in. They ran the play directly in behind that area. Knowles was stoned by the RB and pushed wide. Open throw for QB. Redwine tackled Bandy after the catch by the WR who makes an excellent spin. Dean couldn’t get off of a block. WR walks into end zone untouched.

1st down we pulled Boulware who was a little apprehensive on his block, but he got the job done. Dallas cut off of that block and gets five. (Not pictured)

Next play the NT pushes Gauthier back and into the path of a pulling Boulware. Boulware did a nice job of keeping his balance and getting to his block on the edge. Donaldson did a nice job moving his man out and then pancakes him. Dallas cut off of Donaldson’s block and picks up four.

3rd and short and Trayone Gray actually has a very nice run. There is immediate penetration to the side that Rosier hands him the ball, but he cuts back in the backfield and finds a crease off RG when the play was setup to go off LG. First down. (Not pictured)

Another bubble up top to Harley and Rosier throws it behind him again and makes him spin away from the LOS. The ball has to be placed out in front of the WR so that’s running forward when he catches. The reason it’s called a “bubble” screen is the WR runs a semi arc backwards from the LOS at the snap and is then arcing towards the line of scrimmage when he catches the ball (like a half bubble would look like). (Not pictured)

Next play we block down on inside zone and St. Louis is to release onto the LB. He completely whiffs on the block (doesn’t even touch him) and the LB meets Dallas in the hole. Boulware makes a nice block to open a hole, but we pulled Mahoney from the other side and he missed his block. His man and the LB St. Louis missed combined on the tackle. (Not pictured)

The 3rd & 9 play my colleague @romancane talks about in his excellent series From the Perch. Cager runs a nice stop route and Rosier is in perfect timing with him out of his break. Rosier even has a small slide within the pocket to open up a throwing lane. He throws it before the WR is out of his break and before the CB has turned to look for the ball. Big play. Great throw. Honestly a next level, NFL throw in my mind. (Not pictured as he covered it better than I could)

#98 just completely tosses Mahoney aside on this play (he is just about to fall down on this screen shot). That’s some serious strength and leverage from that player. Gauthier has a lane. Donaldson pancakes his man. Boulware has his guy. Homer and Brevin have a combo block. St. Louis to the second level. One guy on every play can completely ruin the play, even if everyone else has their job.

Inside zone to the left side. Boulware initially has the block but he falls off of it (#98 is strong). Mahoney needs to get his man turned out but is a little overpowered. Homer tackled after four, but if Boulware holds that block it might’ve been pretty big.

Next play we doubled #98 and that freed up the MLB to get into the backfield and make a TFL on 3rd & inches. They shot 8 guys into all the gaps on that play. (Not pictured)

4th down play and Boulware completely moves his guy out. Brevin gets a kickout block on the edge. Toledo has a free man shooting the C gap (between RT and TE) but Homer powers through the tackle and gets the 1st on a second effort. Nice powerful run. I’m ready to say that #50 should be the starter. (Not pictured)

Play action pass for Brevin on 1st down but he didn’t get any separation and Rosier threw it where only Brevin could get to it if anyone. Incomplete. Homer with a nice blitz pickup. (Not pictured)

Outside zone on 2nd down and we pulled Boulware all the way to the outside of the RT. He gets there (he really can move) but he is too high and the defender slipped under him, forcing Homer to bounce it. He only gets three. (Not pictured)

There are times that Rosier does go through his progressions and make nice plays. Here, he looks downfield first, as he wants a corner route. It’s not there, but look at the LB in the middle of the field, it freezes him and gives Langham time to get outside. Rosier comes off that look and drops it down to Langham, who breaks a tackle and gets the 1st down. Nice job by the OL against a three man look.

Next play was a poorly thrown fade to Cager. The ball was about five feet off the ground but Cager gets it anyway because he has nice body positioning. TD. Baxa hit the upright and it went through. (Not pictured)

Kick return and Blades splits blockers to get a shot at the returner but he misses the tackle and it’s a big return. Need to get him down when you get those shots. (Not pictured)

If you’re going to stunt Garvin and Bethel the DT who stunts out can’t go inside on his rush. He has to stay outside or it’s free money for the QB to step up into. Garvin is all the way on the other side of Willis here. Bethel gets sealed inside and the QB runs this for a 1st down. Mike Smith is in man with the RB and has his back turned and never sees the QB leave the pocket. Side note: The QB did a good wait of waiting until the LB turned and ran before he took off.

Next run and Mike Smith takes a poor angle. He’s supposed to have the edge on this play but he runs straight at the RB instead of where the RB is going. If he runs to the 1st & 10 graphic instead of at the backside of Garvin, it’s a TFL. Instead, RB gets outside of him, gets the 1st down and then finishes the run against Knowles on the back end. Woof.

Next play they run to Joe Jackson’s side who fights off a block and has the RB at LOS but he finishes the tackle and lets him run for seven yards. Redwine blitzed off the edge but got blocked out. (Not pictured)

Next play and they again run at Joe Jackson who takes on the puller and stays physical. Pinckney scrapes off Jackson’s hip and makes a TFL. Nice play by both. (Not pictured)

We send seven on 3rd & 2 and Derrick Smith shows his speed. He gets all the way around the edge on a designed rollout and forces a throwaway from the QB. Redwine and Jackson locked their guys down in coverage. Everyone did their jobs. 47-yard FG. (Not pictured)

1st down we run a half sprint outside zone out of motion to Homer and they string it out well. If Harley could’ve pinned his guy inside it’s a big gain but the CB does a great job of forcing Homer back inside and we get four. (Not pictured)

Couple of things here: You’re not supposed to be allowed to do this hands to the face thing against the LG but they’ve done it all game long and never called. Not once. St. Louis loses at LT too often because he gets off-balance in his setup far too often. Here he’s bent over at the waist and looking at the ground because he was off-balance at his initial punch. He recovers and pushes the defender wide, so I’m not being critical of the play, just the process. Rosier misses Mallory from a clean pocket, who had a step deep.


Look for work! Mahoney saves Donaldson here by coming back and finding work. Boulware comes over and finds work helping St. Louis. Rosier has great mechanics on this long throw down the sideline to a wide-open Cager who found the honey spot in the cover-2 zone for a 32-yard gain. This is a unit working together. This is a wonderful throw.

1st down and Boulware shocks #98 on contact and turns him out. #98 eventually recovers, spins and finds the legs of the RB, but not before a gain of five. Nice job. (Not pictured)

Next play looks like a Miami team playing a MAC team. Look at the blocking here. Rosier keeps the ball because he was reading #91. Rosier runs this ball straight up the field and into the end zone after breaking a tackle of the S you can’t see on screen. Jeff Thomas gets that block at the first down marker right there that springs him. Wiggins gets downfield from the entire opposite side of the field to clean it up at the end. Big time stuff here.

Toledo QB stares down Cody Thompson and Bandy runs the route for the receiver and gets the pick. Hard to quantify how excellent this play this, but Bandy had to contend with all this space without any S help and he makes the pick. Get that man a chain.

Next play and St. Louis and Boulware have a combo-block on #97 on the edge and Dallas runs hard through tackles and gets a 1st down. Man’s game. (Not pictured)

Rosier keeps it off the edge and they grab Rosier’s facemask and tackle him with it. This team is playing with a little swag at this point. (Not pictured)

Miami pounds it on 4th down and give Gray the last shot and he scores a TD. Excellent drive that pretty much puts the game away.

Toledo played hard and tough in this game, but Miami had too much talent for them. Several standout performances in this game, but also some things to improve upon.
Jahair jones and Donaldson...#whew we need to make some changes on that O-line.
Donaldson has gone from being a solid guard to a ****** tackle.
Personally, I was impressed with our showing last week. That was App State 2.0.

And thanks, Vision!
I don't know what Searels is doing with these guys, but these fundamental lapses are alarming. There's more to it than just starting Scaife at RT and moving Donaldson inside.
I don't know what Searels is doing with these guys, but these fundamental lapses are alarming. There's more to it than just starting Scaife at RT and moving Donaldson inside.

Exactly. Donaldson getting beat cause hes not quick enough is one thing, but him getting overpowered and lacking fundamentals is a bigger issue than just position.
My Input from the Toledo game:

Robert Knowles should literally not take another snap for us unless its on special teams. Idgaf what the excuse there is no reason for him to play over Carter or Hall when theyre available.

Boulware should be starting over Jahair Jones without a doubt. Hayden mahoney isn't far off from losing his job either. Dude just isn't very talented.

Mike Smith should not be playing nearly as much as he is. He is literally coming in anytime Shaq or Mike come out. No, just stop.

Mike Jackson played like absolute dog****. He literally got beat almost every ******* pass play. Dude is atrocious in man coverage, theres no other way to put it. He wasn't good in man last year either. He's a zone CB, and thats all.

Donaldson has been struggling, but he's our best option for sure. So just hope he keeps improving cause we need him at OT.

Langham should not be playing as much. He rarely creates any separation. When Ahmmon comes back he and Jeff Thomas should rarely be leaving the field.

Garvin needs to stop rushing so **** wide, and he and Joe Jackson need to ******* learn a counter move.

Rosier is still ******* garbage. This is his best game, vs a trash opponent and he still cant throw ******* bubble screens. Seriously Perry should have gotten more PT. If the freshman dont get a lot of PT for the FIU game, I'm gunna be ****ed.

Overally OLine played much better, But thats not saying much. This is probably the best we'll see Rosier play which is laughable. Jeff Thomas is ******* great. Freshman TEs are stepping up pretty solidly, I just hope they hold up in the Run blocking for ACC Play. DLine needs to stop stunting so much, but otherwise they're playing pretty well. Willis is a beast. I'd like to see our stud DEs actually ******* play like it once in a while. LBs have been questionable all season. They haven't taken that next step yet. DBs have played well for the most part except when Knowles is in which hopefully will never happen again. I fully expect Special Teams to have its ups and downs. But I'm excited to have Jeff Thomas back there at PR more.
I gotta disagree. Langham has not created separation but ALWAYS makes the tough catch and produces. He has earned his spot in the rotation
Searles need to be seriously evaluated by the end of this season. Richt needs to eliminate this teams weakness we are so close to being where we all want to be.