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Update on transfer QBs

Update on transfer QBs

Stefan Adams
Coming out of OSU transfer Tate Martell’s visit to campus yesterday, I’m told by a program source that Miami is actually more confident in landing Martell than Alabama transfer Jalen Hurts at this time. It seems confidence has slipped with Hurts a bit, as heading into his weekend visit, all indicators out of Coral Gables was that he was UM’s to lose, but things seem more up in the air right now on what he’ll do. Confidence is higher with Martell though and I’m hearing Miami feels they are in the prime position to land him as of now. I would make a Miami pick on him if I could.

Martell makes his final decision next week between UM, Louisville, and WVU, while Hurts will choose between schools like Miami, Maryland, and OU among others.

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Makes sense. OU offense is a pretty big sell for Hurts and Martell has former teammates on the roster. The interesting question is if Martell can't get his waiver/degree will the staff just roll with Kosi and JW next season?
Been a lot of Maryland talk, after hearing he was an Ou lean originally. You would think he would factor in weather but guess he isn't concerned throwing the ball in cold weather.
I think with the last two Heisman Trophy Winners coming out of Oklahoma, Baker doing good in the NFL and Tyler announcing his entry into the Draft, that may have him rethinking his choice. Also Oklahoma is closer to Texas, so his parents could watch him play.
Closer to home and they have the last 2 heisman trophy winners. That would be appealing to any qb
I'd rather roll with Martell than Hurts. Hurts was the incumbent and he couldn't beat out true freshman Tua. Also, the kid may be a great leader but he can't throw the football and he won't have the best offensive line in college football in front of him. He reminds me of a Bob Griese, good player but is surrounded by great talent that makes him look much better than he really is. I'll take my chances with Cade, Perry, and especially Williams. Adding Martell would create a lot of excitement and competition. Don't believe Hurts is coming and not concerned at all. Remember, all three of our present QB's had lousy coaching the past few years and that will change shortly. GO CANES
My preference has been Hurts, but I would be just as happy with landing Martell