The More You Know...About Duke

The More You Know...About Duke

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Duke ran us out of their building last year. Now the #23 ranked Blue Devils are coming down here to see if they can make it two in a row. Lets see what they're all about.


I didn't do a recap of the Nebraska game, mainly because I'm tired of writing the same recap over and over again. I probably could have just done a find and replace search, for either the 2012 K-State or last year's Duke game and you'd be none the wiser. But it's a new week, and it's time focus on Duke.

1. Where they are in the standings/rankings:



Oh for God's sakes what a dumpster fire this division is. No doubt in my mind that it will come down to a three, maybe even four way tie for the division crown. Each team will probably be 4-4, 5-3 at best, in conference play. We live in a world where Duke is ranked #23 in the coaches poll and it's not because Steve Spurrier culled together some votes. The saddest thing about that is they might not even be the best team in the state of North Carolina, as ECU keeps slapping around ACC Coastal teams like it's their job.


The Blue Devils are undefeated, and coming off a dominating 47-13 win against Tulane. Here's what Tulane people are saying about them:

From: Underdog Dynasty

Ryne Hancock said:
...Unlike the Wave's performance against Georgia Tech September 6th, where Tulane seemed to feed off the energy of the Yulman Stadium crowd and hung tough with a potential ACC contender, Saturday's game against the Blue Devils showed that the Green Wave, who fell to 1-3 by virtue of a 47-13 shellacking at the hands of Duke, have a long way to go...

And here's how it looked.


2. What happened the last time Miami played Duke?


Mark Dolejs/USA TODAY

From: Last year's recap

Me said:
...Consider this, in about 20 years yesterday's game is going to be the subject one of those stupid Aflac trivia questions. And when the play by play guy reads the question, you'll answer it in a split second (if not before he even finishes getting the words out). For the rest of your life, you will always remember the day Miami got bullied by Duke. If message boards are still a thing in the distant future you will no doubt post in a thread titled, "where were you when Miami lost to Duke?" Unless of course losing to Duke becomes the norm. The fact that we lucked into another chance at the Coastal Division with Maryland beating Virginia Tech sends this loss to top 5, minimum...

Now repeat after me: Consecutive. Losses. To. Duke...Sounds scary doesn't it? Football schools don't have to worry about that. ****, football schools don't lose to Duke period. We haven't been one in a long time. So if there's any silver lining, a loss this weekend might render meaningless the sign that douche was holding in the picture. The last time we won a football game against Duke, people still thought the story about Manti Te'o and his dead girlfriend was legit.


3. Who to be scared of:


Joe Robbins

Anyone carrying the football

This team can't stop the run to save their life. Last year Duke ran for 358 yards against us on 52 carries. Sound familiar? LuCane has been hammering home for the past few days about teams being able to manipulate our defensive formations, so expect Duke to try to do the exact same things to us as they did last year. In case you don't remember, these are their highlights against us from our last meeting.


Anthony Boone is a solid QB for them. I can't imagine him having more trouble against us than anyone else would. Brandon Connette and his 4 rushing TD's aren't there anymore though, as he transferred closer to home because his mom got brain cancer. Duke had a pretty good offensive line last year too, and they return 3 of their starters from 2013. RB Jela Duncan got suspended for cheating so we won't have to deal with the 98 yards rushing he provided last year. Josh Snead is still there, and he ran for a buck-38 against us in 2013. It would be pretty damning if Duke is able to completely pwn us with their ground game again.

4. Player that will score against us:


Ethan Hyman/North Carolina News & Observer

Jamison Crowder

Crowder is Duke's big play threat in the passing game, catching 108 balls for 1,360 yards last year. He's leading the team in receptions (22) and yards (296) this year through 4 games. He handles kick and punt returns for the Blue Devils as well. He didn't exactly go off on us last year (6 catches for 53 yards), but that had more to do with the fact that Duke didn't need to air it out, since their running game was so good that day. He still moved the chains for them when they needed another set of downs. He also had two good punt returns in the 2nd half that helped flip the field. In 2012 he went off against us, making 8 grabs for 203 yards, including this big TD when our secondary had a bust.


These are his career highlights to date:


He'll make plays against us Saturday night.

5. Person that will **** you off:


Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Jeremy Cash

Former Plantation HS safety Jeremy Cash leads Duke in solo tackles, and he's 3rd on the team in tackles overall. He's on the Bednarik watch list, but then again so is my dog. His biggest claim to fame is being high school teammates with Ryan Shazier, and then using that relationship to piggy-back his way into an offer from Ohio State. He transferred to Duke after his freshman year because he couldn't hack it up there, and now hilariously claims it's because of Ohio State's tattoo scandal. Pretty sad. This was him last year trying to tackle Johnny Football but ended up giving some fat lady a spinning heel kick.


He has a rep for being a pretty big hitter so expect him to take a run at one of our guys if he's able to line them up just right.

6. Some guy:


Duke Photography

Shaun Wilson

Of all the RB's Duke used last year to run all over us, it's Freshman Shaun Wilson that's leading the team in rushing in 2014. This unranked 3-star recruit had offers from Louisville and Kansas State so some people did their homework. The Charlotte area native decided to stay closer to home. He's got over 400 yards rushing through 4 games and is AVERAGING 14.4 yards per carry. When they blew out Kansas a couple of weeks ago, he set the school rushing record for yards in a single game with 245 on just 12 carries. I know it was against Kansas, but Duke has been playing football for a long time, so when a true freshman can come in and do that in week 3 it's pretty impressive. Here's how he did it:


Please, no.

7. If Duke was a character in the movie Clueless, they would be:



Duke was always seemed to be the ugly duckling of the ACC football programs. Nobody ever wanted to dance with them.


That is of course until David Cutcliffe came to town and saved them from falling over the 2nd story railing at the mall. He saw the down and out school and felt he could make them into something better than what they were. So he gave them a makeover, and started trying to get other people to want to hang out with them too.


It took a long time to work, but eventually they got good. So good, that they were able to accomplish things that a once proud program never did.


Ugh...that was way harsh, Duke. Hopefully we can put them down a peg or two in the end without having to date our step-brothers in order to do it.

7. Official Internet meme for this game:

I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore



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I don't want to know. I already know how this movie ends.

duke offensive line xxxxxxx
miami d line.... . x. x. x
miami LB'..............x x x x
miami DB's

These threads are more interesting and entertaining than some of our games.
Is there any doubt that Shaun Wilson rushes for 200 yards against Dorito?
I hate Duke.

I respect Nebraska and the running heritage but I hate Duke. We don't need to lose to Duke again.

From the summary I realized something that may pay a role in the line move to 7 point favorites. There is a long whispered angle that an unranked team favored over a ranked team covers the spread more often than not. In recent seasons the percentage is higher than typical. It works in college football and basketball. It generally happens midway to later in the season. This is fairly early. I play the angle myself but only in a case of the unranked team being one that was rated much higher than the opponent in preseason. That doesn't qualify here. I lean to Duke plus the points although I haven't wagered so far. Maybe 7.5 will show up.
Lol like ya **** dan but did not read.

I know this story and duke should never beat us but they will, too upset to read.
Betting against the canes on this one.... We suck this coaching staff needs to blown up
are we the favorite to win this week, guysm?
Flip schedules and we're undefeated and ranked and duke is 2-2.
Means nothing.
Speaking of pathetic defenses, Dukes is worse than ours and that is literally playing no one. Elon, Troy, Kansas and Tulane.

Seriously if we lose this game, Golden needs to not even board the bus and catch a cab to the airport and get out of dodge.

There is no way no how we lose this game. I don't care how inept and stubborn D'onforio and Golden maybe calling a defensive game plan.

Miami 43
Duke 27
Flip schedules and we're undefeated and ranked and duke is 2-2.
Means nothing.
Speaking of pathetic defenses, Dukes is worse than ours and that is literally playing no one. Elon, Troy, Kansas and Tulane.

Seriously if we lose this game, Golden needs to not even board the bus and catch a cab to the airport and get out of dodge.

There is no way no how we lose this game. I don't care how inept and stubborn D'onforio and Golden maybe calling a defensive game plan.

Miami 43
Duke 27
******* Duke? c'mon man! I can't believe the entire week hasn't been about how bad we're going to crush them... **** my football life
At this point in the season I don't care if Folden wins out. He can get the **** out.

That said, entertaining as always, Dan. At least we have these threads to look forward to!
I think we will win in the same fashion as 2012, a 52-45 type win.