Spring Practice 4/19 - Early Portion Notes

Spring Practice 4/19 - Early Portion Notes

Stefan Adams
Just a few quick hitters today from the early part of the last day of spring practice with the final scrimmage set for Saturday:

**Cade Weldon returned from his eye infection today. Was throwing with the third team ahead of Jarren Williams.

**Trajan Bandy was ahead of Jhavonte Dean at corner with the 1's along with Mike Jackson.

**OL 1st team: LT St Louis LG Jones C Gauthier RG Mahoney RT Donaldson

**OL 2nd team: LT Brown LG Scaife C Gaynor RG Hillery RT Campbell

**OL 3rd team: Herbert Milo Dykstra

Comments (107)

Herbert not being on the 2nd team is concerning. He should be better than George Brown FFS.
You'd have to think Boulware steps in and starts at LG over Jones. Also hoping Cleveland Reed can push for snaps when he arrives.
So Reed is another guard we are adding? Honestly, with Kingsley committed and set to be a center/guard prospect, we need to add 3 true tackles in this Surge19 class.
Forget shotgun snaps with QB's 3-4 yards behind the LOS.
We're going to need our punt/long snapper in there to give our QB's more time.