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Signing Day Buzz: 6 Days Away

Signing Day Buzz: 6 Days Away

Peter Ariz
The last 24 hours are an example of how quickly things can change in the recruiting world, especially with less than a week 'til signing day.

**The news that everybody wants to talk about tonight is the whole Denver Kirkland situation, which I believe to be tied to academics. I was told a few months back that there were underlying grades concerns that not many people knew about, which is why schools such as West Virginia, Ole Miss, and South Florida were still under heavy consideration from Kirkland. I was not expecting this to happen so close to signing day, which is why I had held confidence in him winding up at Miami. I thought the staff would have either informed him by now if they knew he wasn't going to qualify or if they waited this long, then it would be solved. As I posted a few nights ago, there was concern from his step-dad about something and that the coaches were "working on it", so my guess is that it was related to this as the timing would make sense.

**This is obviously not a good sign at all with Matthew Thomas, but it is not good for more reasons than what scratch the surface. Without going into detail, Miami has been worried over the last week about Thomas wanting out of town, and the "dropping" of Kirkland is likely related to Thomas' situation. That's not to say Miami is completely out of it with Thomas, as they are still in the thick of things, but it is not looking as optimistic as it was even earlier today. Remember, Miami and FSU both in-home with Thomas tonight.

**I continue to hear that Stacy Coley is leaning towards Miami, but I want to be cautious with this information just because Coley does not reveal much to those around him. Two different people have also told me he is a "Miami kid" as far as his attitude and the way he would fit in with Deon Bush, Duke Johnson, Tracy Howard, etc.

**Some good news on 2014 DT Khairi Clark: I'm told that Chaminade's new Head Coach, Marcelo Rodriguez, is very close to James Coley so this can only help in the Clark sweepstakes. Miami is already in the lead for Clark, who is considered one of the top prospects in the country for his position.

**Not that this is anything groundbreaking, but these next six days will show us a lot in terms of Al Golden and his staff as far as recruiters. The only recruit on the board I'm fairly certain will be a 'Cane right now is Jermaine Grace. I feel good on Coley and Collins based on conversations with those in the know, and I am now wary on Thomas and Bostwick. I'm not completely counting out Rashard Robinson or Keith Bryant as possibilities either. In short, welcome to the week before National Signing Day...

Comments (251)

Wish Clark could just skip his senior year.....
At least Pete is being straight up with us props for that.

Nonetheless this is fucking awful
this could end up being the most disappointing class in recent years. We're gonna have to scramble to find some commits. A lot of negative momentum heading to next Wednesday
OMG!!! How could this staff mess things up like that, they are acting like Randy Shannon. Totally incompetent
After reading mannys latest blog I am officially on the wtf is our staff doing train! Ice Harris publicly said he will never help miami. Great job al. Great fucking job
OMG!!! How could this staff mess things up like that, they are acting like Randy Shannon. Totally incompetent

1. it was probably out of the staff's hands and they tried everything they could to get the kid in a top 40 academic school and couldn't
2. blandy was long done recruiting by now. "whats an in home visit?"