Numbers Outlook: Defense

Numbers Outlook: Defense

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Yesterday, I took a look at the offensive side of the ball ( and tonight it's about the defense. If you add up the maximum number of projections for each position, that would be 31 for the class. The number will not necessarily be that high, but will will be close. Expected number of signees for each position is in parentheses.

DE (2)
Commits: Demetrius Jackson
Targets: Chad Thomas, Keyon Brown, Trent Harris, Kevin Bronson, Andrew Williams
Demetrius Jackson is really considered a hybrid guy, but with his frame we will see a lot of him with his hand on the ground. Chad Thomas is the obvious local stud, but Miami will have to fight off Louisville as well as Florida State. Keyon Brown has always been interested in Miami, but Georgia seems to have taken a lead with him. Trent Harris is a newer name, whose interest was really heightened by a camp trip last month.

DT (5-6)
Commits: Travonte Valentine, Dalvon Stuckey (JUCO), Courtel Jenkins
Targets: Mike Sawyers, Thomas Holley, Braxton Hoyett, Cory Johnson (JUCO), Lamont Gaillard, Claude Pelon (JUCO), Anthony Moten
Biggest need on the team without question. Valentine’s recent commitment was a shot in the arm, but the staff needs to make sure he is doing everything he needs in order to qualify. They will take at least one more JUCO in all likelihood. Hoyett will be a tough pull because he seems to be high on the SEC from what he’s told me. Holley and Gaillard are both long shots, but I wouldn’t count them out for Holley completely. Sawyers is the wild card because he is Corn Elder’s former teammate and he has legit interest.

LB (4)
Commits: Juwon Young, Darrion Owens, Mike Smith
Targets: Terry McCray, Antonio Smothers (JUCO), Keeon Virgile (JUCO), Vincent Jackson
This is a major strength of the class. Juwon Young looks like he could step onto the college field right now, Owens brings great versatility and length, and Smith has huge upside. Smith will play linebacker at Northwestern this season after playing primarily as a rush end last year (18 sacks). Ely’s Terry McCray is a candidate to be the next commitment.

CB (3)
Commits: Ryan Mayes, Dennis Turner
Targets: Chris Lammons, Nigel Bethel II
Mayes and Turner are both solid, but the Lammons-Bethel dynamic will be one of the more interesting things to follow as the months wear on. I only see the staff taking one of the two, which would basically mean whoever committed first. I’m told Bethel wanted to be 100% sure of his decision and was not, so that is why he pushed back is announcement from Monday. Lammons looks like a true Miami-UF battle from talking to people who know him well. Mayes could play safety and it is very possible the coaches move him there once he gets on campus, but for now that is what they like him at.

S (2)
Commits: ATH Trayone Gray
Targets: Quinton Flowers, Montae Nicholson, Kyle Gibson, Marquese Dudley-Gordon
Before doing this breakdown, I didn’t realize how big of a need this is. After this season, the only three remaining are Bush, Jenkins, and Carter so it is very thin. These three are all potentially studs, but you need reliable players behind them as well. I put Trayone Gray here because I really think that’s where he ends up. Quinton Flowers would be a great fit here as well, but he is unwilling to play anything other than quarterback right now. I would like to see them stay local here. Cypress Bay's Dudley-Gordon won MVP at the first camp and Miramar’s Andre Godfrey is another potential late option.

Comments (53)

Good **** Pete.

You hearing anything on DE Rohan Blackwood or DT Adam Torres?
Good **** Pete.

You hearing anything on DE Rohan Blackwood or DT Adam Torres?

Don't know much on Torres, but I would guess that Blackwood is not really a high priority considering Jackson is a very similar prospect.
IMO we go after at least 3 DE's this class if the plan remains to start Smith out at LB. The potential loss of Kamalu and Muhammad leaves a big hole depth wise towards developing DE's bc most of ours are upperclassman minus 2.

Green, Dye, Cain = seniors
Chick, Grimble, Perry = juniors
Hamilton = sophomore
Hoilett = freshman

McCord may put his hand down in the dirt on passing downs but we need to add more depth and numbers.
Cory Johnson and Lamont Gaillard need to be on this team. Period
michael johnson at safety please
Bronson is the guy I think will turn out to be a **** stud in 3 years. Any word on him, Pete?
Peter, do u like Terry McCray? i would think they wouldnt waste their final lb spot on him?
i just realized this, but Lockley is supposed to play safety too.
is Lockley a lock to come back like say Brandon Washington or is there a chance he turns and goes to another team.
i just realized this, but Lockley is supposed to play safety too.

I really hope so. That dude has good size and speed. I hope he comes back after prep and doesn't turn out like Jean-Louis. Lockley would be a great addition.
^^^THIS Marques Gayot is our best remaining option at Safety IMO, and we need to flip him from UL.

Oh and I doubt Lockley will play Safety here, IMO he is an OLB or TE/H Back but we need him on defense.

Can't understand why he will be playing WR at prep. Kid needs to be working somewhere on defense.