Mike Pinckney vs. Duke

Mike Pinckney vs. Duke

Peter Ariz

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Said it before and will say it a million times.

Old School type of Cane.
Any footage of his abs?

This dude could play on any UM team in any era and thrive.
but he sat around all summer doing nothing. doesn't have the abs to play lb at UM.
Hes getting Denzel Perryman's pop belly so i know he is legit
But, but he doesn't look well conditioned... to many energy drinks.. FOH! #56 is just that a Nightmare!!
That sack on the first drive changed the complexion of the game. Savage
Heart of the team right there. He's the reason everybody on D is starting to let that savage out...
******* homos said he was out of shape. Losers.
Great patience and then he strikes... love it!
I mentioned him after the first game. When he's on the field and playing his game just fuels the entire defense. He's just one of those dudes.
Set the tone with that sack on 4th down. Was a huge play!

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