Jackson says he has not decommitted

Jackson says he has not decommitted

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Demetrius Jackson just texted me out of the blue saying he has not decommitted from Miami. He says "Pete please clear this up for me.. IM A HURRICANE ... the coaches are coming to my house Wednesday ..."

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Seems like a kid whos playing his first year of HS football and isnt used to recruiting at all
Kid's obviously doing this for the lulz.

He's interested in 3 of the bigger sister ****** universities...and us. I mean, come on, he just wants a little bit of attention.
Cant be true, Ice Harris wont let any of his players go to Miami.
We must decide the fate of these martyrs who told us them lies about him decommiting!
Classic!!! Someone stop the madness. Wasn't it 247 and a their reporters tweeting dj decommitted.
I hate recruiting.

Why do I follow this stuff?
Hasn't decommitted but releases a top 4, hmmmmmm...................
Wow! This is actually starting to get a little too crazy and its not even January yet! Smh. I wonder where the original rumor came from? And please delete that entire "Demetrious Jackson" thread now that he is still committed. Lol. (Or at least the last 4 pages.)
What the MOTHERF*CK is going on?

CS has an article out saying he HAS decommitted and they interviewed him. It says he told Barrow and that Barrow was "surprised". Says he is still considering us.

Now he's claiming he hasnt decommitted? So he made that up to CS? Or they made it up?

OK. I have a feeling I know what's going on here..... but its just a hunch.

Ice hates Miami. This is part of the plan his process.

I love recruiting. Can't wait for the updates by our twitter stalkers.
Oh.. He is still committed? Kid is the next Von Miller... My favorite recruit in this class. 6 star potential.