4-star WR Rudolph apologetic towards Miami

4-star WR Rudolph apologetic towards Miami

Peter Ariz
Just a couple months back, it looked like the relationship between former Miami commitment Travis Rudolph and the ‘Canes coaching staff had turned sour. The 4-star receiver from West Palm Beach wanted to clear things up as to how things had gone down with the Hurricanes.

“I feel like I have to apologize to the Miami program because a certain website took my words out of quotes and the main reason I wanted to de-commit from Miami is because I wanted to be neutral going through the process. I felt like I had committed too early and I wanted to be patient with it,” said Rudolph.

Rudolph had more to say about the situation with Miami.

“I saw the reports or whatever and I said man that’s not me who would down talk any coach, especially since I think highly of Coach Golden and the rest of the staff. That wasn’t my intention to bad mouth me and my dad really got on me about it so that’s why I wanted to address the issue. Like I said, it’s nothing bad about Miami. I just wanted to go through the process being neutral. They’re still one of my top schools.”

One of the issues Rudolph had with Miami was that he was unsure of what position the staff wanted him at and he is all-in on playing receiver in college.

“They’re strictly recruiting me as a receiver now that I addressed that’s what I wanted to play with no ‘athlete’ involved.”

After his de-commitment from Miami, Rudolph was on record as saying Florida was his leader, but now he has backed off from those claims.

“Nah, that’s not the case. There is no leader because my options are wide open. I’ve only been to the Florida and Miami campus so there’s not really a third school after that right now.”

His parents aren’t pushing him in the direction of any school in particular; they just want him to make the best decision for himself.

“Wherever school is best for me, they will support me. They just tell me to make sure it’s the right decision because they don’t want me to be one of those guys who has to transfer because he didn’t make the right choice in the first place.”

Rudolph was one of the most impressive e performers throughout the 7-on-7 and camp circuit, which is something he had planned on doing.

“I go in there thinking I can play against anybody. I feel like a lot of these websites have me underrated and they don’t see me as a wide receiver, but I’ve been dominating and sticking out at receiver so that’s what I want to play at the next level.”

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I wish Rudolph was a porster so I can neg his *** to BOLIVIAN.
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this proves the point of not trusting this sites, they twist these kids words around
I take this kid without hesitation at WR. I give zero ***** about any of this horse****.
Honestly, I think this says a lot about the kid's character. Even if he did say some negative things he regretted about the staff, he came out and cleared the air publicly. He definitely didn't have to come back out and say that he was wrong, or that he didn't want people to look at our staff in a negative light, or anything like that. That's not something you typically expect from a 17-year-old kid.

Quincy and Chad Wilson and all the other whiny, butthurt, egotistical, entitled, ******, cry-baby pussyfarts in South Florida could learn a lot from TR about how to handle delicate situations.
I take this kid without hesitation at WR. I give zero ***** about any of this horse****.

And this. Dude is a baller and a great athlete. I'm glad the staff has kept on this kid, because I think he can be a great player in college.
Good interview. The kid is redeeming himself. That's part of growing up. Good for him...

I too like him as a WR...
With Steve Walsh being his HC, I don't think Rudolph will play any game with UM...
Pete, you've got to help this kid out with punctuation and straightening up his thoughts when he starts in one direction and turns another way. Looks unintelligent.
Respect to the young'n for handling this like a man after initially (allegedly) acting like a kid.
I would welcome this kid back no problem. Very talented player. Hope someone gets in his ear and lets him know that UF is where WRs go to die. Especially if Driskel is their QB for the next couple of years.
exactly why i put zero stock in committed or non-committed prospects until FEB