Yasir Abdullah 18 OLB


Jul 17, 2012
I hope the staff offers this kid. He has all of the tools to be a stud, he is 6-2 190 and runs a 10.6 in the 100.

He came from Cypress Lake in Ft. Myers went to Miramar and now to Carol City. Was a safety previous to being an OLB. Speed wise is outstanding. 100m --10.75 (national elite 10.80), 200m--21.97 (national elite 22.0), long jump--21-3 (national elite 22-1). Is listed ta 6-2/195
Looks like a good athlete, finds the ball, solid first step and handles the traffic well. Like Wilder, mostly plays rush end, so will need to learn the position.
Said in another thread his film shows he's currently a chase guy, but he looks unbelievable closing. If someone can teach him how to take a proper drop and use that athleticism to do more than close on the ball, he'd fit into some of the things we have Mccloud doing. I love prospects like this. Also important to note Coach Diaz is a LB coach. If he's up to help mold him, Abdullah's skill set is unique.
Bring me this beast. If he cant learn LB, let Kool have him at DE. Speed + Violence= offer
We were just talking about this guy in another thread. He's gonna blow up this year. He's a must get from a school we need to keep a pipeline at.
at the very least, unleash this animal on special teams for 4 years and he would have earned his scholarship
Must get. He was the best player on defense in the few CC games I was at this season. I heard he likes Miami
Must get. He was the best player on defense in the few CC games I was at this season. I heard he likes Miami

I was sold on his speed and the fact that he came over to Miami from Ft. Myers to compete against more studs. Can't coach speed and that he's a CC kid is an advantage for us. He and Russell would be 2 that should be Canes.
He does like Miami and the kid will commit if offered. He is a freak athlete, not to many guys walking around like him.
Didn't [MENTION=14457]Liberty City El[/MENTION] say him and a couple of his friends or teammates would be Canes?

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Man, I know it's a highlight tape but ****, that CC defense is lights out. Opposing QB's had not time at all.