Which One Of You Knuckleheads Did This?

Did he steal that one from the mediocre Artie Lange Beer League movie?

That was a weak punch by James jacksons brother but good for him for retreating so fast
Just too bad he didn't knock the one legged guy out. Obnoxious hillybilly.
"Guy With One Leg Gets Punched By Miami Fan In Bathroom" Great anti Miami title. Not, WV fan threatens to **** on Miami fan & gets punched. Also, I love these line leaders who act like they know the way the line works. There's 7 urinals. If one guy is closer to the one vacant, is he going to wait for someone to hobble away from the other urinal?
That punch was embarrassing. Dude will break his wrist like that. Hit that dude with the front of his knuckles like a slap. Then running off like Kevin Hart.
I would have leg whipped that crazy hillbilly's peg leg and pounded on his face when he was down on the ground until it had the consistency of raw hamburger.

The fūck someone's going to start to pull out their crank and threaten to **** on me.

The sister fūcker then brags about fūcking little guys in prison. Death sentence.
he wasnt mr lawrence in karate kid.
hate to be that guy, but lets hope that was really a gator fan in cane gear trying to make us look bad because he punched dude like a straight up *****. My little sister could have punched that dude harder and done more damage than that
Maybe he was curious to test out how fast that bionic stump could move. Had to be a member of this board because from the looks of it his drunk midget a$$ was trying to get a glimpse of some mountainqueer crank.
The amputee said, "“I used to **** little guys like you in prison, little ”. Then the recording stopped.