Two visitors on campus right now

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Peter Ariz

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Jun 12, 2012
Mark Pope and Josh Jobe unofficially visiting Miami right now.
Any team activities today? Wonder if they will visit tommorow too since the Shells will be on Saturday ?
Why hasn't Pope committed yet? Is he doing any recruiting behind the scenes?
You sound like an idiot. Of course it's great the more you get your commits and top targets on campus.
Big if true

Meaningless if true. How many times did BJ Henderson visit?

Visits are perhaps the biggest indicator (that we have to work with publically anyway) in recruiting except maybe recruiting other kids to join them, although very little is 100% in recruiting. A few trolls will not change that. Follow the visits and you will be able to predict a kid's destination a large majority of the time, despite all the other various noise.
You sound like an idiot. Of course it's great the more you get your commits and top targets on campus.

Anyone saying otherwise is just one out of touch mf and really shouldn't follow recruting. lol at anyone saying but Henderson visited multiple to try and water down the importance of this. That kid was coming and flip flopped his decision
Two kids last year did this and went to another school so all other situations are exactly the same.
What makes you think jobe will have a problem with admissions.

Cane commitment Josh Jobe says he doesn't want to do media interviews right now.
He’s laying low.
But his father, Reginald Donaldson, on the latest going on with his talented son.
Donaldson says Jobe, who has aged out of Florida high school football, is “probably” going to wind up playing at the Cheshire Academy in Connecticut.
The plan is for Jobe to play there in the fall, get his grades and enroll at Miami in January.
That’s assuming his academic situation works out.
Donaldson also says he wants to see UM work hard to help get his son admitted, as it could be a tricky academic situation with Jobe's transfer credits and what could be a borderline qualifying situation depending on his test score.
“I have schools reaching out from other states that can help Josh get in and I’ve spoken to Mark Richt about it, he knows where I’m coming from,” Donaldson said.
While there’s a lot of talk that Jobe may not stick with Miami - with Alabama mentioned prominently as a potential destination - dad says “He’s still committed to Miami. But there’s a lot (of schools) in his picture.”

Dad says other big players for Jobe are Michigan and Oregon.
“He hasn’t visited them yet,” Donaldson said.
Donaldson says his advice to Josh is “It’s wherever helps you, who is reaching out to you, that’s who to give your heart to.”
He adds “We’re here, we don’t want to leave Miami.”
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