Tim Williams (Bama DE)

Don't want him on the Phins simply because the NFL will suspend the ish out of you if you pop on drug tests. We're going through the same thing right now with Dion Jordan who's been a complete bust.
Bruce got suspended for taking a pic with a gun in high school. We are not on a level playing field.
Amazingly sec/espn will not ask one question about this to Saban.
If it was UM this would lead all sportscenters
"In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity."

-Hunter S. Thompson
Disturbing report against Alabama DE Tim Williams ahead of NFL Draft

Aside from only getting a 1 Half suspension after getting in trouble for carrying a pistol without a permit...Bama also allowed him to play while he was failing multiple drug tests. Lol, Bama gon bama.

Remember Bamer's success is due to the fact that they have great coaching. They don't have great players according to some on this site. These great coaches make these kids into great players. So this won't matter
Article suggests the kid has a drug "problem" because he tested positive for marijuana multiple times. If Saban didn't suspend him the first time, why would he stop smoking?

Saban is an enabler, if anything. Article should be titled "Nick Saban Allowed Tim Williams to smoke at his leisure"
:hh9BEeLFGEOeZUWG.jp:hh9BEeLFGEOeZUWG.jp:hh9BEeLFGEOeZUWG.jpAmazing how this shlt didn't come out when it happened. It comes out after his eligibility is up. NCAA...these mutha****as
Why do you think they pull so much top talent. If they don't suspend them for crimes, think of what they get away with at the college. Come play here to party and play football. Don't want to go to class no problem. Get caught with guns or drugs no problem.
hes not a first round talent. Got owned against Clemson...he's light in the *** and not that athletic. i remember when we were wondering should we offer him during recruitment..n he almost signed with us..but took the bama offer
I look forward to the day when "marijuana use" and "serious drug problem" are no longer used in the same sentence.