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Spring "The most competitive spring"


Jan 19, 2014
If you thought that the last 2 off seasons were on the level of where we are now then I want what you are smoking. They were an improvement on the year before but this team this year is the deepest and most talented that we have had in recent memory. Do I think we're going to make the playoffs this year? Not necessarily but it wouldn't shock me if we did considering the veteran nature of the squad. I think our playoff run will be in 2023 but who knows.
While I agree with your opinion, honestly smoke free :barbershop-quartet-member:, and accept Manny’s earnest efforts, I have as yet to see a recent season where things don’t go south after an inexplicable loss and the team then playing like a hurt little girl, self destructing. But I’m with you, what Cane Diehard wouldn’t wish better results?