South Florida '22- The CBs


Oct 13, 2011
South Florida will always have CB talent, but this year’s class lacks a sure thing like Pat Surtain or Jason Marshall. There is also less depth than usual. With that said, middling P5s like Indiana and West Virginia are doing a good job of snatching corners who may carry too much projection for the top schools but have NFL traits to develop.

Earl Little, 6’, 175 (American Heritage)- Polished defensive back that fits best as a full-time nickel. Very quick feet for someone his size. Technically sound. Coached by his father, nine-year pro Earl Sr., and former All-Pro Pat Surtain. Showed improved physicality as a senior. Sudden in short areas but lacks long speed. Alabama signee.

Ryan Turner, 6’, 180 (Chaminade)- Pure corner with college-ready frame. Not a sprinter (11.45 100M) or offensive playmaker but displays natural cornerback movements. Very good man-to-man with quick feet and loose hips. Can click and close in off coverage. Locates the football in the air. Physical tackler. Ohio State commit.

Jacolby Spells, 5’11, 175 (American Heritage)- Converted WR with speed and aggressive mindset. Raw with his footwork but makes up for it with athleticism. 10.79 100M. Very good at getting off blocks and finding the football. Old for his grade. Special teams value as gunner. WVU signee.

Jamari Sharpe, 6’1, 180 (Northwestern)- Raw, high-ceiling prospect with verified length and speed. 10.69 100M and 4.45 forty. Leggy running style reminiscent of DVD. Tackling and ball skills are works in progress but he gets a ton of deflections through sheer length. NFL upside if he continues to develop. Nephew of former Cane Glenn Sharpe. Indiana signee.

Trevell Mullen, 5’11, 170 (Coconut Creek)- Brother of Oakland Raiders CB Trayvon and All-America CB Tiawan. 10.8 100M. Like his brother Tiawan, he elevated his game as a senior. Very good feet to mirror and can find the football in the air. Skinny. Brothers played a little stronger at this stage. Success will depend on ability to add strength. Indiana signee.

Elijah Mc-Cantos, 6’, 185 (Edison)- Confident corner with some of the best footwork in the class. Not a speedster but coordinated. Has competed in football, long jump, basketball and wrestling at different points in his career. Very impressive on camp circuit. Strong and aggressive as a tackler. Illinois signee.

Jai-Ayviauynn Celestine, 5’9.5, 175 (Palmetto)- High-energy missile who plays all over the field. A threat to score at Wildcat QB, RB, WR, CB and PR. Devastating stop-start quickness. Tightly wound with the strength to break tackles. Explosive hitter for his size. Big-time production as a senior. May profile best as a nickel due to lack of length. Arizona signee.

Brian Dilworth, 5’10, 175 (Chaminade)- Two-way player who has translated those ball skills to the defensive side. Doesn’t blow you away with size and speed but is a coordinated athlete. Also plays basketball and volleyball. Decommitted from Auburn after Malzahn left.

Amariyun Knighton, 6’1, 170 (Deerfield Beach)- Stranahan transfer with nice combination of length and ball skills. Former WR who can pluck the ball. Northern Illinois signee.

D’Mon Brinson, 5’9, 180 (Dillard)- Classic nickel that could be a steal for UConn. Plays with sudden feet and balance. Shows awareness in man or zone. Can find the ball in the air. Quick to diagnose and fully commits in runs and screen game. Sound tackler.

Jerrod Cameron, 5’10, 160 (St. Thomas)- Fast, feisty corner who plays bigger than his size. 22.04 PR in the 200M. Surprising pop on contact. Plays mostly outside but has the profile of a nickel. Good feet and change of direction. Coastal Carolina signee.

Cornelius Wright, 5’10, 165 (Columbus)- Slight, quick corner with nose for the ball. Took multiple PRs to house as a senior. Comfortable playing off. 22.65 200M. UMass signee.

Ken Moore Jr., 5’9, 155 (Columbus)- Small speedster with legit juice. 10.75 in the 100M. Dangerous with the ball in his hands and might fit better on offense. Dropped by Utah State before signing day.

Robert Harris, 6’, 180 (Glades Central)- Strong-bodied corner who can accelerate. Solid hurdler with 110H PR of 15.70. Drives on the football. More explosive than fluid.

McCantos, Trevell Mullen & Jamari Sharpe were my favorite local corners in this year’s class.

Trevell is cut from the same cloth as Tiawan, he’s not as purely talented as Trayvon but he can play on the college level no doubt, he’s one of the technicians in this year’s raw South FL crop of Corners & once he adds weight he’ll be an impact player. Indiana’s CB’s coach Brandon Shelby is one of the best in the business in terms of development & their Strength Coach Aaron Wellman is good too, Trevell will excel at Indiana.

Jamari Sharpe’s upside is sky high, he will also flourish in Indiana’s system, again put him in the S&C program for an offseason to get his weight up & they’re going to have a lengthy speedster with crazy athleticism.

Brandon Shelby also landed James Monds III from Vero beach (Originally at Ft. Pierce Westwood), another ballhawk with sound technique & good speed.

McCantos should play pretty early at Illinois, he’s big upper body physical cover corner that plays with very good IQ, he’s probably the most naturally well rounded corner in this year’s crop in terms of advanced technique, he’s more pure Corner than most of them. He’s played CB since Optomist ball, not like the typical athletes that are converted WR’s or RB’s that get put at CB in HS, he’s had more reps on the Island than most.

He reminds me a lot of Davonte Brown at UCF who blew up this year with 13PBU’s & is a very good physical corner.
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I understand UM went after bigger fish. Other than Little and Spells, are any of these guys UM caliber and should have been targeted?
Most down year across all positions in SFL than I can ever remember. Some position groupings are better than others, of course, but @DMoney would you think (without any research of course, just off the top of your head) that this is the worst class, on paper, you can remember in the area overall?
Most down year across all positions in SFL than I can ever remember. Some position groupings are better than others, of course, but @DMoney would you think (without any research of course, just off the top of your head) that this is the worst class, on paper, you can remember in the area overall?
On paper, yes, but @Goulds Cane reposting those '17 Class links shows me that most of those dudes flamed out horribly. Major character issues in that group.
Celestine kid is a baller. Love having a kid like that on the team
looks smart and reckless in a good way. i can see why the big schools aren't crazy over him, you cant really put what he does in a box. but if you have a scholly laying around you take him no doubt and see where you can use him down the road.
I see a potential Brent Grimes, but I know 99% of those smaller ballers don't pan out
Wish Little's dad wasn't such a tool. Kid isn't Surtain. But he's super solid, very high floor.
@DMoney Amariyun Knighton was outstanding for me this season. That's the Edison kid who's committed to Clemson that he pressed out of bounds on his tape.
He started to get interest from bigger schools but most were concerned about his weight. (he's skinny as ****)

What's crazy but unfortunate...
My other CB is built exactly like him, similar skill set, also a former WR, and almost the exact same highlight tape.
No offers. Not even being recruited. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Hezekiah Masses.