Signing Day Recap With Coach Cristobal | 2.7.22

I like that Mario gets his own measurables on these guys. I heard him say a few times "we he have him listed at" when referring to a recruits height and weight
Cooper is a great case study for this coaching staff

“Looked like a polar bear slapping people around” lol
I hate being the "Why didnt Auburn push for him?" guy..But this kid looks like a kid that could be something in 2 years if developed properly. I get hes not on Bamas level of OL recruits but for Auburn to ignore him is weird.
McCoy - 6'6 285, Cooper - 6'6 275, Skinner - 6'5 220, Moss - 6'6 220....when Mario says "it has to look a certain way" he's not kidding around
Cooper is just 275??? (havent listened to the interview yet. Will check it out in a minute) Saw somewhere that said he was 350??
Don Bailey is sooooo cringe.

I love the fact he is writing notes on his palm like a 5th grader trying to cheat on a test.
Lol why does everyone hate DBJ so much?

He’s just doing his job 😂