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Sam Brooks is (actually maybe) on the roster


Apr 11, 2021
According to the ITU writers at practice today, Brooks was not on the roster. However, he is on the "out for spring" list. Notably, although Avantae Williams was at practice today and is definitely on the team, the roster did not list him--meaning there are errors on the roster that was the basis for this post.

I jumped the gun, and I can accept whatever punishment is appropriate.

I'm still stuck on the La Tech game with Brooks. I had my mind made up that we have a solid starting LB with him. The fact that I'm still waiting for him to arrive, like Godot, shows how bad our LB recruitment & development have been. It probably also shows that I'm too into this. But everyone needs a hobby.

Go 'Canes!
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Goulds Cane

Jan 11, 2020
He had the athleticism but couldn't put it together. Manny's **** D probably gave him no favors either. I remember watching him against Clemson in 2020 and thinking "why isn't this kid getting more playing time"

I do hope that this stops the trend of us trying to turn undersized high school DEs into linebackers


Jan 29, 2012
I also cant wait to get back to the days where being injured was a death sentence. Tolbert Bain talked about that on the Canesville podcast. How getting injured all but assured you would never get your job back unless you were Vinny Testerverde. There seems to be way too many guys on that list for my liking. I know injuries are apart of the game but sheesh. Seems like in past regimes being injured all Spring was like a free vacation for a month and a half. Ready for that to end with Mario.