Robert Burns out of the UA game due to an injury

Bahahaha...I have no idea how we are still taking this kid if true. I understand the soph. tape was good...But this kid is softer than babyshyt.
And when McFarland tells us to stuff it up our noses, this will become an even bigger problem.

This dude's like Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable, but without the comeback plan.
Burns injured himself earlier this week and won't arrive in Orlando until Saturday.

Burns, who signed a grant-in-aid with the Hurricanes two weeks ago, missed a majority of this past season with an undisclosed foot injury and carried the ball just nine times for 53 yards in three games. He is set to arrive on campus next month as an early enrollee.
Can't wait for this kid to run for 200 against FAMU then sit the rest of his career to save himself for the pros. Gonna be glorious.
Is Rick recruiting this kid as a preacher or a running back?

Burns is either a huge pu$$y or dangerously injury prone.

Strange situation.
Lets see if anyone criticizing this young man now jumps on his dik at some later point.

Bipolar/50 first date mofos on here